Unusual Uncut sheets - Pokemon/MTG

Has anyone ever seen sheets like these before or have any information on them? (see images attached) Or does anyone know someone that used to work on the printing lines for WOTC? The sheets are not mine, the pictures were sent to me by a potential client looking to auction them. Their story is that they received them from a printer factory in the UK years ago. They were visiting as a client of the printer and they were gifted these sheets. They have no affliation with WOTC directly. They cannot remember the name of the printers.

I personally have not seen anything like them, I have not been able to view them in person yet and I am concerned about the provenance. Some observations I made from the pictures were these:

  • They are all one sided printing (blank white backs to the sheets), this includes the sheet with the Pokemon card backs.

  • The base set cards are unlimited print but with a 1st edition stamp.

  • There is no “Property of Wizards of the Coasts” or “Produced by Wizards of the Coast” written on the edges of the sheets. I was under the impression most/all uncut sheets have this?

  • The print quality at least from pictures appears to be very good. And the sheets do look as if they are factory produced with the colour coding etc. Just wondering how easy it would be to replicate this?

  • The dates on the sheets showing them as printed in 1999 (although if you were faking them you would write a date that corresponds obviously)

  • Why would you print common cards/theme deck packaging if you were trying to replicate a uncut sheet?

Any help would be appreciated! Thanks




Something to note, it uses one Pokemon of each type, all energies and one trainer which makes sense for testing.

Another interesting thing is that it uses the Jungle and onward 1st edition alignment and not the base set one, which actually makes sense. Also the sheet has a thin stamp

I mean sheets like these are bound to have been created ams still exist.


I agree. The deck box sheets are really cool!

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The first thing that I would do is check the rosette pattern. If these were WoTC printed, they would absolutely be there.


I cant add much except that the pokemon deck display sheet has all the correct copyright information and details for 4th print UK distribution decks, which corresponds to their story.


Is there a guide on this? Never had to do that before! Thank you

Use a magnification loop and check the CMYKK offset printing. Find cards from the same sets/time-period (looks to be UK unlimited print), and compare the rosette patterns. They should match up.



This is the closest thing I found compared to the uncut theme deck sheets:


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I’ll also say about the deck display that i was finding odd and your linked video confirmed it is that there are no cut guides for the display based on the photo. It could still be something from production showing just the mockups.

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You should check out this video around 1:00

I have a strong suspension these sheets are the test ones done in the smaller printer, rather than on the full offest printer.

They similarly only took a representative sample of cards in this example.

I believed Cartimundi also did printing for MTG and Pokemon so the process has to be pretty similar to playing cards.


An update on this now. I have the sheets in hand and have been able to look at them in person and through a microscope. I also have taken some pictures as best I can using the microscope and phone camera and using a camera with a high zoom lense to check the CMYKK printing. As far as I can see the sheet rossette pattern looks the same as unlimited base set cards I used for comparision. Below I compared Magikarp and a Bulbasaur cards. The individual cards are on the left overlapping the full sheet below which is on the right.

I also compared the 1st edition stamp on the sheet with a fossil 1st dragonite I had with me. See below:

On the sheet you can also see it has the additional protective layer (would you call it gloss?) as shown in the photo below if you look near the corner/edges.

Another thing I observed is most of the sheets exibit some wear and tear/damage/marks/dirt which could be a sign of their age potentially, and some pencil marks/writing as shown in the above picture.

On none of the sheets is there the usual “Property of Wizards of the Coast” printed though.

To me they appear real, I just wish I could get some confirmation from where they were originally printed. I am trying to see if there is any way to obtain this now.


Printing quality looks legit, very interesting


Another update, I contacted Cartamundi and asked their opinion on these sheets. Their feedback was this:

“I can confirm these cards were not printed in our facility, the markings on these sheets do not match our process/equipment. I know other manufacturers produced Pokémon cards around that time (1999) but we have no records of it.”

The client has given me the name of a printers in the UK called Paragon-leycol, (I think they used to be just Leycol). I have been trying to contact them but not having much luck so far.