Price check: Uncut Fossil set holo sheet

Hi everyone. I know there are a few people around here who collect/have collected uncut set sheets. How much should an uncut Fossil holo (unlimited edition) sheet be worth?

Thanks for your help!

@thecharizardauthorty might know?

They go for around USD$350-$400, and shipping globally costs anywhere between USD$105-$175

I just picked one up. Be careful there are a few counterfeit ones online also, which don’t have the proper red crown holographic layer. You can tell by looking at the hologram of each card, the fake ones look like glitter.


Thanks very much! That’s good info to know.

Can we see it? Collection thread!

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Lol. I don’t have a collection thread yet. I guess I’m like @bagoly14 and some of the other users here who don’t post much about pickups, just don’t really like to blog about it lol. :S

I probably will make a post eventually, but my collection is rather small to some of the bigger collectors here.

Yeah I think that would be a reason to want to post up my collection.

Cool how you changed your name! POkemon Canada! haha, there is pokemon china, and Canada now. Who would be pokemon America? or Pokémon Australia? lol

Pokémon America would be an interesting battle. Probably between, the charizard authority, Gary, SMPratte, collectors cache, rock Carolina… and hmm there are a few other biggies, I can’t remember off the top of my head.

PokemonUSA is taken

Fair enough - I just find it’s a good way to track my progress. When I go to the first page of mine, all I see are some crap quality completed sets from my childhood. At the end I’m seeing some nice rarities! I for one would like to see another collection thread…it’s getting stale in there (and I post far too often)!

Bold moves lads - at least there was no competition for my name!

Lol, if I was still working in Hong Kong, and my visa didn’t expire in March 2014, then you very well might of.

But I was born in Australia, so yeah, probs will stick with that.

I think I deserve this name - I have more Chinese cards than anyone now!