Kaybee Toys Promo Uncut Fossil Sheet

I got a Kaybee Toys Promotional Sheet with 110 uncut Holos from 1999 in a very good condition. The problem is, I have no clue about its worth / potential and about how many of those are out there. I think it’s something quite rare, but not really sought after, only a few people would want to buy such a thing.

I already asked Gary, unfortunately he couldn’t give me an exact number as he owns many of those sheets which he doesn’t want to sell, so that’s reasonable.

Any ideas?


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i have no idea the value but if you want to slap some pics up so i could drool im fine with that :wink:

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I bought mine last year around 250 but it is not in mint condition. It had damage on top of the sheet.
Two sold via best offer on ebay, but ebay isnt telling me the price. It shows me 799$ crossed out, and 860$ crossed out.
My guess is that they sold close to or around 500$
Hope that helps!

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Two or three have sold on eBay in $500-1000 over the past year. I remember making an offer on one but the seller didn’t reply. That particular one sold for around 800.

That should give you an idea.

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Thanks guys, I wanted to upload some pics but impossible with the connection here atm.

The one on ebay now is listened for 800$ but with some major scratches and overall not in a good condition.

I thought about 4-6k value in that condition, sold to the right collector.
Correct me if you think I’m wrong.


$4-6k? What? You asked people a value and they’re telling you $500-1000. How did you come up with that number?

I haven’t seen your sheet, but even if it’s mint I don’t think you’re earning anywhere close to that. Maybe $1500 best case scenario.

Is it possible you might have overpaid?
By the way, I would guesstimate 500-1000 of these sheets were printed. Each store gave one away. It’s possibly not as rare as you might think.

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Hm, I didn’t pay anything. But when you estimate 1000 copies of those, made and given away 18 years ago, I’d consider it really rare nowadays.

I also think it’s really hard to tell the value of such a thing, there are offers out there for 1000$ to 100’000$ for this sheet, I think due to the unawareness of the sheet’s existence and the little demand.

That’s why I hoped for anyone who has experience with such sheets, as ebay listenings are not always very informative. Happy for every estimation though.

This is the most abundant sheet in the hobby by a mile. Therefore it has a pretty consistent fair market value.

Here is one that sold for $650 last month.

Here is another that sold for $625 3 days ago.

There is also one listed on ebay at $989 with an offer.

The current market value is $500-700.


It was a promotion, meaning they made a ton of them. Nothing rare about it.


All right, thank you guys!


I’ve just checked all the offers on ebay now Scott, and the two sold there were in horrible condition (big scratches and bends all over the sheet) and the 3rd one for 989$ was a non-holo one.

I think the value of a mint one is def. higher, but yeah obviously not that high as I expected, when I read your comments on that one.

The one with 799 USD crossed out was sold for 625 USD.

The one with 860 USD crossed out was sold for 650 USD.

How did I get to these pages? Put the eBay nr in www.watchcount.com/ and then click on [History] next to Sold For to see the offers including the accepted sold offer.



I sold mine a few months ago for ~$1200 I think it was to an aussie through the GSP. It was one of the nicer sheets I’ve had and I would have called it near mint. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a truly mint sheet as they almost all have a little something going on with them.

That said I think my sale was one of the higher ones and it fell in the $~1500 range all in price paid by the buyer. I’ve seen a lot go for lower even slightly sub $1,000 that also looked near mint. If I was buying I’d look to pay sub $1k and selling I’d be happy a bit over $1k.


Put it up on eBay with BIN OBO $5,000. You’ll see what offers you get, and the top one over a period of time is what it’s worth.

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Thanks for all the infos, appreciate it!

Did you just roll it up to ship it?

Yes that is the best way to go about it. Every sheet I’ve bought and sold has shipped this way. If done carefully it doesn’t cause any damage to the sheet.