German 1st Ed Base Set Holo Uncut sheet [Price check]

Hello efour!

I already posted in the main German FB group and in Virbank. I’m also posting here to have further infos.
I’m an Italian collector holding a German 1st Ed Base Set holo uncut sheet. Probably the only one publicly seen till today in this language (as someone told me).
I’d like to know a realistic evaluation of it to concretely realize what i have in my hands. Conditions are not mint since it has some creases and scratches as you can see from the pics (but no rips).
Thanks to all those who will help me.

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Amazing find. :heart_eyes:

I think it will be very hard coming up with a value, but I’m sure there’s at least a handful of collectors that would pay very good money.

Are you looking to sell it or you just want an estimate?

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Thanks dude!
If that sheet had been in Italian i’d keep into my collection, but is German, i like it very much since i’m a Base Set collector but if the offer is really good i’ll probably put it ufs.

Having scratches and creases makes it really tough to value. For example, I have many sheets and none are damaged like that. The reason being, I wouldn’t buy that type. There are many collectors like me so that condition takes a lot of us off the market.
If I was asked by a friend what to pay and had to say something…I’d say 500.00 to 800.00.

Thanks for your opinion Gary. Even if we are talkin about such a rare item like this? I’ve talked with a lot of German collectors and they told me that no other German Base sheets has came out till today.

Has come*

It’s hard to determine a value, but I think it’s definitely more than 800$. Germany has a strong market these days. Even not-so-mint German 1st Ed Charizards sell for well over 150€. And you have technically seven of them alone :wink:
I’d also expect many collectors not to be too bothered about the damage if it is literally the only German 1st Ed sheet available.
My guess is 1500-2200€ if you find the right buyer.
But this is all speculation, only based on superficial observations of German ebay sales.

No matter what the value really is, it looks damn cool and I’m kinda jealous.



I’d have to agree with Muk here. If it were mint maybe $5000+ on a very good day… In this shape maybe $2000-2500.

At $800, I’d buy it right now, even if I have no money(Credit Card) . Lol

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Saw this over on Facebook. Nice to see you’ve made it here. Awesome item. Echoing noob in that I’d certainly pay in the realm of ~$1,000 without much thought but not sure how much more. Gary ( @garyis2000 ) takes the safe approach in valuing it and probably is well over conservative but that reminds me of a point I don’t think I have seen discussed often.

Always be wary of people who are not directly making an offer and trying to tell you what an item may be worth. I’ve seen it before on Facebook and reddit especially and occasionally even on this very forum people getting a bit crazy with their valuation estimates. Throwing out all kinds of high values due to excitement on an item because they’ve never seen it or just are unaware of it’s value. It’s as bad or worse than those articles that say Bill is a $300 card or whatever. I’ve been unable to buy collections in person from people for very fair offers due to certain semi knowledgeable friends of theirs blowing their heads up with crazy sky high prices that just weren’t realistic. They’ll either never sell their cards now or will just have the whole experience spoiled feeling sleighted or ripped off.

All this said if you are looking to actually sell it an obscure item like this is worth whatever someone offers. An item like this best performs with a high BIN OBO and just see what offers roll in or if you feel more risky a well advertised auction on eBay. Sometimes auctions can outperform BIN OBO in my opinion due to people realizing the item is actually selling at a defined time and suffering from FOMO (fear of missing out).

Best of luck.


Creases and scratches knock an items value down more than from 5000 Mint to 20-2500 scratched and creased don’t you think?
If a PSA 10 1st Base Charizard is 30,000 then one with scratches and creases may be 500.00…not 15,000.

my girlfriend is a German teacher and I’d glady take $2000 from her paycheck to buy that.


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True, but with English PSA 10 1st Base Charizard you have a population of over 100 to choose from (theoretically speaking).
With this sheet, there is only this one (or at least very few others). So there isn’t even a mint copy to compare the value to. If you want it, you just have to bite the bullet, buy it and live with the scratches. And for an item like this, the fear of missing out that @gottaketchumall mentioned is certainly also a big factor.
There are many examples of completely rotten and rusted classic automobiles that sold for millions, just because there are only 5-10 left in the world.


Yeah I guess I shouldn’t have said Mint, but the estimate you gave is just too conservative. That’s the value of the KB toys sheets and there’s thousands of them around.

It’s also not accurate to compare graded cards to uncut sheets. You’re not going to find a Gem Mint sheet anyway… They’re raw and have some issues. You don’t have one worth $30,000 and another one $500 based on condition.

It’s easily a 4 figure item to a German collector. I would go with gottaketchumall’s advice and list high and see what you’re offered, OP.

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I sure hope the op does that well😀

Ty very much dude!

Even if we don’t want to tell that is probably a unique piece (until proven otherwise) we also have to consider that we’re talking about an item that hasn’t been officially commercialized (cause of imperfections for example) and that has come out directly from a factory (probably not properly in the “cleanest” way) so it’s understandable that a sheet have some damages.
I know who you are and i totally respect you as a collector and as one of the main expert in the entire hobby but i have to tell you that your range is not correct. I’ve got many offers from trusted German collectors in private that confirm that this item have an indisputable value (1 of 3.5K € and a higher one of 5K€).