WTB 1st ed shadowless PSA Base set machamp

Anyone have one for sell? There is one on ebay i’m currently in a bid war for and its at $535. I would rather buy one off of someone here for the same price and save them the fees. Personally I think 535 is a bit high lol. Ends in 4 hours.

I have 7 pack fresh ones at PSA currently, and should be back beginning next month…

Wish me luck on 1 or more 10s lol


best of luck haha, i’ll buy one if i don’t have one by then.

I sold one for $450 well over a year ago. I think they are much more scarce now, with increased demand, so the $500+ price makes sense.

Also, I have graded at least 20 “pack fresh” examples, all i personally pulled myself. I think I received 2 psa 10’s in total.

With that said, I am sure if you can locate one privately you can cut a deal!


i pushed it to $600, i’ll pass for now haha.

I have one that didn’t deserve a 10 but is labeled as such. 1/2 price?

mmm depends, why didn’t it deserve the 10 haha

Seriously, I’d prefer not selling it at all. I’ve had it for over a decade and would grade it a weak 9 lol.


Echoing what Scott said, they have become much more scarce, barely even seeing potential shadowless decks for sale. Year or so ago there were plenty of decks & sealed single Machamps, not so much now. I’ve graded 10 or so from sealed decks and 4-5 other sealed examples, only 1 was a 10.

I have one listing with I think 18 shadowless starters included. With Machamps so high maybe it’s a mistake selling them as a lot?

I haven’t been as aggressively searching as I was before trying to get a 10 so my statement could be biased based on time spent, but I hardly see them pop up. All the “Potential” shadowless can be ignored, seeing as most of the sellers I assume have ruled them shadowed and just use that title to boost the price.

As for your listing, its really up to you. I think their value will trend parallel with the PSA10 price and scarcity, as people might be willing to gamble on the odds. I think people tend to think “Its just a machamp and it comes sealed in a thick box, probably 50% chance of scoring a 10!” so I believe its undervalued compared to the other 1st ed shadowless 10s. But this is just all my opinion & speculation.

That’s good thinking joetehman.

At least I know definitively which are shadowless. Plus, these all went straight from WOTC to me so not as much moving around and getting shook up.

For sure, as you say, potential buyers expect too much like 50%. That’s not the case.

Not to hijack, but I’d also like to echo how hard it is to grade these out of the deck.


I feel that me and the other guy getting in a bid war kind of pushed the price up haha. Wonder what it would of gone for if i didn’t bid.

Whoever lost probably won;)


I spoke with the seller of the listing on eBay, apparently the last 10 he sold went for $1,100, so I think the price of $600 is low taking into account of scarcity/availability

That sounds like he’s lying, honestly.

I’m incredibly skeptical of that claim.

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I’m not saying it’s 100% true, however I’m not sure why he would lie about it

Yeah, I’m not implying anything about you personally but it sounds like made-up flexing. As far as public sales go, this was on the higher end. It would represent reasonable, expected growth for the card.

But someone claiming that many copies that far above recorded prices just sounds like braggadocious make believe.

I would recommend treating what they say with caution unless they have some solid evidence to convince you otherwise. :blush:

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I would of replied “you’re full of shit” lol I knew they would go up in price, didn’t think they would be at the $600 mark just yet tho.

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