Would you attend a virtual Pokémon card "conference"?

I was sitting on a virtual conference today for work and I asked myself, “What if there was a virtual summit/conference/event/exhibition for Pokemon cards?!”

I remember going to trading card shows as a kid (I know they’re still a thing, but COVID!) and absolutely loving walking around and seeing everything for sale, for display, and hearing from people talk about the hobby. I’m envisioning something that has a good mix of talks, interviews, networking, browsing collections, and of course, buying cards and product.

Is an event like this something you would want to attend? If yes, what would be the #1 thing you want to see/hear/do at the event? If no, why not?

I’m itching to organize a new virtual event. I’ve hosted events that bring in 1-2k people and a few months back hosted a 24k person event. If you’re interested in collaborating, definitely let me know!


Love the idea!


Sounds like fun, but also sounds like just a nice hangout for collectors. I think it would be great just to network and see if their are others in your area who collect and see other peoples collections including their most prized cards or thee stories behind them. Many of my favorite additions are so much more than “I bought it on eBay”


Nice idea, this could easily be done on a discord server. It would need to be moderated depending on the size. I envision the speaker or presenter would have the floor and others would be muted albeit with text chat enabled. Perhaps creating your own program would be the next step to get the ball rolling. Here’s an example:

I’d be game! I think showcasing some of the bigger collector’s items just to see them would be rad. A debate isn’t the correct wording but getting a few people like Scott, Rev, Jake, Leon & Z&G in an area to talk together about the market/collecting would be rad. Those are the first ones on the top of my head, haha/


It would definitely be cool. I’d join if I could use my stupid Android. I keep valueing more cards over a new phone :joy::joy::joy:. I love hearing others stories and mistakes along with seeing others collections

That sound like something I’d for sure join!

I’ll add my two cents on potential program ideas.

I think E4 is a great resource for discussion and finding out what people want to talk about. Find some popular topics that have been brought up on the forum and turn them into a talking point for the program. Perhaps an article that was written 5 years ago could be given some new life.

High End Collection Additions

  • People enjoy hearing about top end sales and rare items. Maybe a couple members could share an item and a story for the community.

Young Collectors

  • Pokemon’s younger audience could be given a platform to show off a favorite piece of their collection, some background on how they got into the hobby and their view on the future of Pokemon.

YouTuber’s Corner

  • What are their short term goals for the upcoming year? How do they use the video medium to differentiate themselves from other YouTubers? New YouTubers and seasoned Youtubers all have different takes on how they use the platform.
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A Pokemon Card Conference would be awesome. This was recently done virtually in the Sports Card Community-- Jeff from “Sports Card Investors” held a 4-day convention with box breaks, interviews, and giveaways. It was definitely not the smoothest of operations, but I enjoyed it nonetheless. There were probably 1.5-2k viewers when I was on.

I’m assuming Pokemon would garner far less viewers, but if it was more of a “TCG Convention” with MTG, Yugioh, etc… it might be a better turnout.

I’d definitely tune in

This is fantastic! Thanks for all the replies. Love the suggestions and builds, Keep them coming. I really like the idea of a “debate” or “heated discussion” on more controversial topics or topics with diverse perspectives. Like the idea of having different break out areas like “YouTubers” or “Private Facebook Group Management”.

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You articulated it much better than I could, haha!

I’ve mentioned this idea to a few people but have had a lot on my plate as of late and am unable to organize something like this currently. I kind of envisioned having a panel of people to take like 5 or 10 minutes to talk and show their favorite parts of their collection and then allowing for another 5 or 10 minutws to answer questions before moving on. There would need to be time monitors of course.

So if someone takes off and organizes this, would love to he a part of it! I think Zoom might be better since video on discord can be wicked laggy.


I think this is a great idea. All conferences have been moving virtual. I have seen it well executed so it can definitely work

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Sounds great! I have never been to a real life conference (because I’m relative new to the hobby and couldn’t find any in my area, pre-covid). I would definitely attend an online version

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We could easily make this happen in discord. It pretty much does on pwcc night when pwcc auctions end.


I haven’t used discord a ton, mainly bc the ones I’ve joined have gotten incredibly spammy. Does discord do video streams along with the chat? My go to for virtual events has been Crowdcast and zoom.

Yes! You can do video + voice. We had a good month straight of voice just always happening. It happens spontaneously. Or sometimes people set a time to get on.

Agreed on Zoom or something similar. Someone tried sharing their video once on discord and I had to reload it every few minutes because it would freeze completely or turn black.

I’ve researched and tested out lots of platforms for this exact reason. Turns out video streaming that also has engagement is hard. YouTube, Facebook, Insta, etc have all made great progress, but there’s still not a great one for interactive “events” yet.

Well, so far the response has been great, so I’m going to go for it. If you want to lend a hand, send me a DM or reply here and I’ll get a group going. Also, share any people or topics you want to hear about.

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