Pokemon trade / buy/ sell / etc.. person meet ??

Sup fellas , back at it …

Wondering. Why not set up a in-person meet where everyone comes together 1-3x a year to discuss cards / trade cards / sell / and buy …?
The meet will obviously be held in public safe place. Maybe even be small fee to raise money for charity ?

This would be a cool way to spruce up the hobby and give collectors a better opportunity.

I’m in NYC / NJ.

Just a thought…!!

Let me know what you think.

Armin R.


I know that having a efour meet up has been spoken about before. I believe @smpratte has put some thought into this, but if I remember correctly, he said there are some legalities involved with Pokémon for having something like this take place.

Great idea I would definitely show up if given enough time to plan and prepare!

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I understand the Legality part.

If the event was real, I would personally just bring cards that I would want to sell or trade off. And cash to buy.

Perhaps people can sign a waiver and even sign in. But we’re all real adults. I think we’ll be fine :wink:

Aside from being fun and something new I think a meet like this will REALLY enhance the hobbies values.

Many cons to this can’t argue. But pros to it too.

Where and what is worlds ?

Interesting idea. What’s everybody doing next May? There’s a Connecticut regional we could plan to meet at. It’s far enough in advance and right around summer time. I’m in. Plan this like your wedding.



Currently the best option is meeting at a tournament. Worlds has the largest crowd. Once the dates are released they will be posted on E4.

Worlds is good plan but it’s not an exclusive meet.

Maybe schedule it the 2/3 days after worlds then some could come to both and others just for the E4 meetup. Wouldn’t need a buy/sell/trade. Just a long meet up.
I will attend if you all do;)

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