Trade / Member Meetups

Hello all,

I have been involved in a few different collection hobbies and some are very trade heavy and some are not. I know Pokemon cards are traded quite frequently and I was wondering if anyone does meet ups with other members to trade or even just talk about the hobby?

The reason I ask is because I just moved to Southern California, near Anaheim, for a few months and I want to get to meet people in my hobby.

Quite a few from here meet up at major tournaments like at worlds recently. It’d be nice to have more mingling but we are spread out all over the world which makes it tougher.

There’s a good number of memebers in central and northern california. I was talking with 3 of them in hopes of doing a meet up in the coming months before worlds. A big tournament where we could showcase our collections and find trades.

If gary is willing to buy plane tickets for everyone, i can see a big meet up happening.


Vegas Baby:)


I think a meet-up would be amazing and definitely develop a community aspect to the hobby. Also,I just drove back from Vegas today!

@pottsinator and I live like 20 minutes from each other…

But I’m too shy to meet Senpai in person so I always make him mail me my cards


That’s almost as good as the one piece chopper one.

Hahahahaha XD :heart_eyes:

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It seems like every single booster box on ebay is located in California, can you move around freely without bumping into them?


no joke, I remember about a year ago looking on Craigslist and seeing like 4 or 5 different old school booster boxes

  • 1st Edition Neo Genesis
  • Shadowless Base set box
  • Jungle
  • Team Rocket

Pretty mad at myself for not getting the Shadowless one… guy only wanted $700 for it :slightly_frowning_face:

I live in southern california as well. I’m only selling atm. If you want anything, we can always meet up

What are you selling. Any boxes?

Nope I sold all my boxes already

Hmmm interesting. You have a list?

Norcal or gtfo, Mike and I live 40 minutes away from each other.

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Do you gamble Gary? I’ll send you a quick email next time I’m going and we can meet up at one of the casinos. I go at least once a year usually.

Soooo is this a yes or no on meet ups?