anyone from Michigan?

Does anyone ever actually meet others in real life in forums like this? I was just wondering since no one I know collects or anything. Any how I live in southern Michigan U.S.(or will be returning shortly) if anyone every wants to compare collections, trade, or just hang out. My name is Sam if my username didnt give it away.

A great place to meet collectors in person is at Nationals or, even better, Worlds!
Nationals is in Indianapolis, so you are actually really close. And Worlds this year is fairly accessible in Boston.

You might consider attending one at some point in time. It’s an experience I recommend for anyone that desires to be around people who collect as seriously as they do.

That’s a good idea I have never really attended any of the competitions but I have always been somewhat curious. Is it comparable to comic con or another con like that? I’ve been to quite a few of those out in the west.

I’d be up for it if I still lived in Michigan. I grew up in the Novi area. :blush: Great place.

Worlds is more like that than Nationals is.

Nationals is mostly centered around the competition. There are a couple of store booths (occasionally a third), but other than watching or competing in the actual event, there is not much to do. If you do that, I’d seek people going ahead of time that you’d be meeting up. There is an open gaming area that is good for trading or casually hanging out with people.

Worlds has a lot more to do. There is open gaming, but it’s much bigger and you’ll see booths set up by people from all over the world with things to sell. There are signings, and a Pokemon-run store where you can buy exclusive gear. The competition is still the main focus, but it’s extremely exciting. There are more collectors at Worlds than at Nationals as well. Plus you get the benefit of being in a big city, so there is a ton of fun stuff to do outside of the event. Indy has some stuff, but it’s not as good for tourism as the other places Worlds is held.


@soulwind Haha that’s so close. Did you ever go to gibralter trade center?

Yep! Is Mr. Pokeman (the gentleman with a shop dedicated to Pokemon) still there?

He always had an incredible selection of English cards, packs, and theme decks from 1999-onward.

I will have to make a visit when I get back.I have been away for work for 4 years and it has been even longer since I went regardless. I don’t really remember the specifics but I just remember going there with my dad a lot for some of the card shows and thinking the place was gigantic. Im gonna have to make it a point to go again. I used to go to the one in Taylor which I think is closed now.

It sort of is gigantic! That’s great you have those memories.

Here’s the guy I was talking about:

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Go Buckeyes lol.

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Is Worlds always in USA?!

It looks like one year it was in Canada. All the other years from 2004 were either California, Hawaii, Florida, or Washington D.C.

The only time it was not in the US was when they held it in Vancouver 2013.

Also, in regards to meeting up, Worlds is by far the optimal choice. You will be able to meet the most people, and have the best overall experience. Last year there were over 26 countries represented. The “free play” area is basically a trading/training center with everyone from the 26 countries, majority being japanese.

Interesting that it is Worlds yet only takes place in US/Canada!

Are there seperate ones for Japan/Asia? Would be awesome for everyone to flood to Tokyo for a huge event. That place is crazy

It is the only World Championships. There are a lot of japanese contestants every year. Each country holds preliminary qualifiers, and the finalists then travel to Worlds to compete.

The main reason for why it has always primarily been in the US is because it is hosted by Nintendo US.

I live close to you Sam (within 3 hours). I try to meet up with collectors in real life when I can. I text 4 or 5 on a regular basis.

Nice! What kind of stuff do you collect?

Pretty much anything from WOTC. I mainly try to collect PSA 10 holos from WOTC. I have a very broad range of grades though. I have booster boxes (try to stick to the rarer ones) and tons of loose holos. I’ll buy graded errors every now and then too. I have some cards in other sets, but I’m consolidating the collection to WOTC at the moment (or at least trying too).

What about you?

I’ve met at least one collector online in person. He was a youtuber that lived near by. It’s always great to meet people and share your collection. I know there are other serious collectors near me (Cedar Rapids, IA) but I have yet to meet anyone else in person.

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I’m working on every English WOTC card,bw series, XY series, and English promos. I’ve quite a ways to go. I dont ever buy anything graded yet… Maybe one day. If you ever have stuff you wanna get rid of I’ll usually be willing to pick it up. I like collecting things and dont see myself slowing down any time soon. What kind if loose holos you got?