State Tournaments Coming Up!

Is anyone going to Columbus, Ohio this weekend for States or Tecumseh, MI next weekend?

My boyfriend and I are going to both to try our luck. :wink:

I’ll be at the following:

9th: Ohio
16th: Michigan
23rd: Indiana

EDIT: Looks like I was wrong. Contacted my group and I’ll actually be in Ohio this weekend. See you there! And at Michigan the next weekend. :blush:

I’ll be one of the people running the raffle table at Ohio states! Come visit~~

Very awesome! I hope to see both of you guys there! :blush:

Looks Like I won’t be getting a chance to go to next week’s tournament. I’ll still be at Indiana states, however.

Sammy was delightful and her boyfriend was equally as pleasant.
I didn’t think of this ahead of time, but it’s interesting when you meet collectors at competitive events. Honestly, I wasn’t quite sure which to talk about. Beyond that, the hubbub of the tournament atmosphere kept too much conversation from taking place. The encounter was altogether wonderful, nonetheless.

I cannot wait for the opportunities to meet more recognizable collectors, particularly in collecting-friendly atmospheres.

I couldn’t agree more. I personally didn’t think ahead of time either. I thought of a bunch of things we could have talked about on the way home…of course! lol

We might try to hit Indiana as well. Ohio was a blast and the more time we can get to spend with other TCG fans, the better. :blush:

Hopefully we’ll meet again in the future and be able to have more conversation on the collecting end of things! It was great to meet you, Charlie!

We need to hold a Pokemon Collectors Expo.


Most definitely!

Worlds is a good place for both collectors and people who play the game.

It’s too far from me… :confused:

Realistically speaking, I have access to a convention center that can hold approximately 700 people. I wouldn’t know where to go from there, though. Perhaps in 5-10 years I’ll look into it with some greater depth.