North American International Championship 2017

I will be attending this year! Anyone else? Additionally, if you’re flustered by the world’s set up and the expenses, Indianapolis is less than half the cost, there’s more to do, and the convention center is so incredibly large that they couldn’t feasibly turn people away for crowding purposes.

I highly recommend it to people who want to meet up!

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I will make every effort to go. Indianapolis is a solid convention city & easy to get around.

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I should be going.

I’m 2 hours away and it would be fun. Might just meet you there.

I won’t be attending. After how Pokemon treated everyone at Worlds this year, I’m hesitant that they’ll have enough room for spectators again for these large functions. Maybe in a few years when they prove they can make things right.

Worlds was great last year. Even if you can’t get in immediately it’s a blast hanging out and meeting fellow collectors. This years worlds will probably be even better in that regard.

I don’t think I will be able to attend due to a crazy summer schedule and if I can make space I will definitely try to go to Worlds. if anyone is planning to go what would be the plans? Rent a big hotel room and share or how do you guys usually handle these trips?

I could probably either make the trip to Indy or to Anaheim for worlds. Worlds would be much more expensive but also more fun…decisions decisions!

If you can just make one, Anaheim is a great place withhold visit with Disneyland right there and Knott’s Berry Farm close by in Bueno Park. Near Knotts is Pirates Adventure which is super fun.

Definitely won’t be playing, but it does seem like it’d be fun to attend. Only a couple hours away from me to boot. We’ll see.

Even if you’re not playing competitively it’s a blast. For Worlds 2015 even though I wasn’t competing I made a fun deck and played with lots of people. I’d recommend bringing a TCG deck or 3DS for some friendly battles if you do end up going!

Last year’s nats in ohio was not the best but the intercontinental’s have all had enough room for spectators. Hope its the same for us Indi has always had the room for open gaming

Indianapolis is the only major city in the world literally designed around conventions. The city invested millions in parking spaces and convenient road development to cater to conventions 100,000 people strong. It will be incredible! Pokemon should honestly do everything there.

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I’ll be attending the Melbourne International Championship for the first time! :grin: I can’t wait to attend!

Wait, Worlds is in Anaheim this year? I live really close to there, it’d be fun to check it out.

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You should come down! Last year a good amount of forum members met up. Its fun just chilling and talking pokemon.

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I haven’t seen any confirmation of the location of Worlds yet - just the regional nationals. :open_mouth:

They announced it last year at worlds. It’s definitely in Anaheim, but I don’t believe the exact dates have been released yet.

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Exact dates were released two days ago, actually! I already booked my hotel.

oooh, must’ve been looking on the wrong site XD; thanks :grin: