Non-sports TCG Collector's Show

I have a scheduled meeting with a well-known and respected premier tournament organizer. He likes what Madison Regionals did this year turning it into a bigger convention. This is one community I’m plugging these questions to but I’d like to hear your thoughts regarding these questions:

  1. What would you want to see at a collector-oriented convention OTHER than vendors?

  2. What would you pay to access a collector-oriented convention?

  3. How far would you travel to attend a collector-oriented convention?

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  1. artists, or voice actors doing Autograph sessions.

  2. $75+

  3. wouldn’t travel more than 2-3 hours honestly. (Lol)

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For me it would depend on the size of the venue and expected attendance?

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It would be combined with a regional tournament. This year, without the added collector bit, we are estimating about 1200 peak attendance. This does not include the families or friends that come with active competitors/vendors/etc. So this can be reasonably used as a baseline attendance expectation with an ideally growing collector base over time.

Obviously, being the only event of its kind, we can’t imagine what may or may not happen. I’d hope for a hefty increase in attendance as a result. :wink:

I personally would love artists and autograph sessions. Pokemon has had so many tcg illustrators yet we only hear about the top 5 most of the time. I would love to meet others, especially those who don’t come to the states often :blush: I wouldn’t mind a bit of travel as long as it isn’t to Japan. For example I loved how during the Battle Festa this year there were several other artists to get cards signed :blush:

Well that’s a very nice expected turnout.
I’d go up to 2-3 hours to attend.
I’d pay more but reasonably I’d put the price at 25.00 or if signers were there maybe 50.00.
I’d have an e4 booth to help promote the site. Also a PSA vendor would be nice for submissions as well as a PSA witness rep for signers verification.

Lastly, I’d have a Charlie Dunk Tank where you have to throw PokeBalls. I’d double the distance I’d travel and price I’d pay to see that hihi.


1)Dunno, but the artist and voice actor appearances are always a big draw. Meet and greets and Q&A’s with tcg reps from Pokemon company or even some big name collectors would be cool too. Raffles, lotteries, and contests for high end prizes would be amazing.

2)<$100, Unless some exclusive deals and attractions justifies a higher price.

If the draw to such a convention for me is mainly vendors, I can’t justify paying Beyonce ticket prices for a day of just spending money unless there’s an opportunity to find a lot of items below normal market prices. If I wanted to buy weighed Base Set booster packs for $45 I could just do it from home in my underwear.

Otherwise, I’d still gladly dish out out $50-75 bucks to hang out, chat, and buy some cards here and there. It would be loads of fun regardless just to meet people and enjoy some Pokemon.

3)5-8 hour drive max

  1. Artist and expert appearances. Having someone from PSA would be sweet, I know they go out to conventions so why not? The more knowledgeable people the better. Having it geared towards more serious collectors would be better in my opinion.

2)$50 or less.

  1. Varies greatly. If everyone I know well from the Pokemon world is showing up and it was a well-executed and inviting convention, I’d travel cross-country. If not, I wouldn’t drive more than a few hours.