The National Sports Collectors Convention

Has anyone been to this convention before? It’s in the U.s. I was just wondering because it seems to be one of the rather larger ones and I already have plans on attending. The smaller ones just don’t seem to have any pokemon cards short of a shoebox full of fire kindling.

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The Sports Collecting Convention has Pokemon Cards?

I guess that’s what I was wondering. It says they have 800 vendors or something and while sports cards seem to be the main attraction there are also gaming cards and toys among other things according to the adverts.

It could. I would not expect anything too exciting.

I’ve been going for years with my dad and family!! (My dad sells sports cards & memorabilia)

When I was real young, I went to one out in Chicago and Pokemon had a full booth set up. It was amazing. I think this was 2006-2008. It was like a big Pokemon Center. They had tables where you could use their decks and learn how to battle. I basically hung out there the whole weekend cause my dad had set up his own booth so I woulda been super bored chilling there. The guys at the Pokemon booth grew to like me and my brother, so we ended up getting like 15 packs each day for free haha. I actually pulled a Secret Rare Farfetch’d from ex Emerald there and had the guy sign it cause I thought he was important hahaha. I kept it signed up until late last year, when I used nail polish remover to get rid of the silver sharpie. Kinda wish I kept it - it was a nice memory ):

A year or two after, the National came to Anaheim and Pokemon set up again. But I’ve been to a few since then and haven’t seen the Pokemon booth at all. It’s been a couple of years since I’ve gone, but I doubt Pokemon would be back.
But hey, you never know, if Pokemon was there during the ex series, why wouldn’t they be here now that they’re big and popular again?

Oh, at the same National I talked about above in Chicago, I bought a Fossil deck box - like a box with 6 or 8 decks in it. Got it for like $40. I was super stoked. Fast forward a couple of years and I’m stuck with waaay to many Fossil cards hahaha.

But yeah, I love the National. It’s one of the best sports conventions left, and where there’s sports cards, there’s non-sports cards.

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Haha - that made me lol :blush:

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I am excited to go. You ever come across any of the 1999-2000 copyright fossil cards?

If I did, I didn’t realize it at the time. Although I doubt it seeing as I only bought Fossil decks. The rest of my trips landed me with tons of ex series cards.

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