Any Pokemon Cards or any of you at the 2018 NSCC?

Hey everybody, the 2018 NSCC (National sports cards collectors convention) is next week in Cleveland. Anyone here ever go, or know if there are any dealers with Pokemon there?

A little background on the NSCC, it is the largest sports cards show in the world every year, where thousands of dealers come and bring their best cards to sell.

Just wondering if any of you have any information as far as Pokemon being there goes, and if any of you are going. I’ll be there all 5 days, should be a blast

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I might pop in, but not sure if they are doing Pokemon. @gemmintpokemon went last year and said they had a few 1st Ed base cards.

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PSA will be there, with free sports promos.

Well today was the first day, almost no Pokémon

I just arrived in Cleveland. I’ll be at the show tomorrow and Friday. I’m going to the PSA booth first thing in the morning.


I’m in the Cleveland area. If anyone is going please let me know what day and time. @dbmoney10?

Saturday morning!

I’ll be at the show Thurs/Friday. Feel free to join. I have a decent bit of Pokemon with me.

We can all grab drinks downtown on Thursday. This is my first time in Cleveland, so any suggestions are appreciated.


Sounds pretty cool guys, let me know how it goes with PSA. Also any pics would be nice to see whats available there.

Late at the convention on Friday, there were screams from across the building. Everyone froze, looked around, then continued about their business. Tonight, I found this article on ESPN. It looks like someone pulled a Mickle Mantle from a 1955 pack live in front of an audience. The guy paid $500 for a spot (20 spots) and had a $50,000 offer for it on Saturday.

Could this be us in 50 years?

Convention was great btw. I was able to hang out with @charizandrew and @dbmoney10 We shared stories and looked through each others collections last night. I’m glad I went to Cleveland!


Was great to have you! And nice to see a bit of your collection :blush:


I had a great time hanging out with @dbmoney10 and @gemmintpokemon as well. I expected to stop by, say hi and hang out briefly. Before I knew it, we had been looking through our collections and sharing stories late in to the night. It goes to show that even though most of us are strangers to each other, we have a shared passion for collecting Pokemon that brings us together. It was a neat experience, made possible by this forum. It also didn’t hurt that @gemmintpokemon was showing off dream cards to us :heart_eyes: