Upcoming Comic Con (Jul 19 - Jul 22) in San Diego, CA

Hey all! I’ll be in San Diego attending Comic Con and wanted to ask for those who are familiar or have even been to one before:

  1. are there normally Pokemon card vendors/shops at the event?
  2. any shops in the San Diego/LA area that are known to have good Pokemon card selection?
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I’m going on Friday and Sunday and this will be my 10th year attending (although not concurrently). Last year I met the Nature Boy Ric Flair (wooo!).

I’m going to be on the lookout for Pokemon cards this year for sure. I am debating on bringing a binder and a few graded cards in case I run into other people who want to trade, but I’m not sure.

There is always areas for people to play - although I’m not sure if it’s a tournament or not. They might give exclusive cards for participating (based on several pokemon sdcc exclusives up on ebay now from past years).

Last year I casually checked for Pokemon. There are always few card booths - but not exclusive to Pokemon so there is lots of other non-sports cards. I also looked through several binders that some booths had out that were exclusive Pokemon, but nothing that stood out to me at the time and I didn’t buy.

Right next to one of the card booths, the PSA booth was setup and I got a pretty sweet reusable grocery bag from them that I still use and a Comic Con edition of SMR. They are doing on site autograph authentications, but I’m not sure if that’s only for auto’s received at the event or not.



Let me know how it goes, really wanted to go. My brother lives in Cali and I am not too far from there. I will definitely try and make it next year.


Nah no pokemon. Last year there was a yugioh so maybe pokemon will do something similar.

Yeah, looks like according to PSA’s comic con page they’ll be there this year too: www.psacard.com/comiccon

I was really hoping to find some sellers at the show but I guess it’ll be a little hard since it’s mostly comic-focused. Does anyone know of any shops in the area that carry decent supply?