Anyone going to nyc comicon?

I’m going at least 2 of the 4 days. Hyped for the rick and morty panel. Anyone else going? Any hot tips for pokemon paraphernalia there?

Oh, I just went to the oz comic con, I really would love to go to the NYC one and the East coasts in San Diego and to blizzcon also. Hopefully one day. :blush:

You should post some photos up afterwards hehe

I wish I was!! :slightly_frowning_face:

I went last year… its like nerd heaven. nuff said

wish I was also, haha, have fun

I’m in NYC so of course I shall be there for all 4 days good rule is BRING FOOD AND DRINKS unless you want to pay an arm and a leg for food and drinks at the convention up to you Pokemon wise there isnt ALOT of crazy amount of stuff like how pokemon worlds is with trading and buying but there are a good amount of items you can get.also shower everyday and IF YOU DO plan to buy exclusive stuff there get there early

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All good tips! Do u know if there’s some tcg event like the San Diego comicon in which they distribute promo cards?

If it’s like gencon, they’ll just have a league challenge with nothing unique.

the past years I have gone to NYCC Pokemon is NEVER there for anything.they did it once when it was still anime fest but after that Pokemon dont attend NYCC they have done a small section outside the convention the past years for free stuff and pictures like 3 years ago the pokemon rumble demo was there and u got a free shirt then the next year it was the b2/w2 release and they gave out shirts and other stuff for free to everyone.TCG wise there is almost barely anything there T&T are there but their section on poke cards is like can find plushies and some hoodies but dont expect anything major tcg wise to be honest.if you have any more questions feel free to ask happy to help

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ok thanks SD, now i can comfortably focus on king of the hill and snarf memorabilia lol (sad but true…)

lol no worries I’m there for alot of the figures and the con exclusive stuff.but other than that just money spending and cosplay pictures haha