Worth Grading These Cards?

My boyfriend and I recently completed a 1999-2000 Base Set (mostly completed; all cards have been purchased, but not all have arrived yet and one needs to be replaced due to bad condition).

We would like to sell our set for some profit and were contemplating grading the holos. So far we have paid $200 for our set.

Here are pictures and scans of the holos we currently have in our possession.

Could those cards possibly see decent grades (7 PSA or higher)?

Any opinions are appreciated it! :blush:

Just added Mewtwo and Clefariy! Any opinions guys?

I would say to absolutely grade them but only if they are in NM/M condition or a strong NM. PSA 5 and 6 cards never fare well on the market.

PS. nice set :blush: really something to be proud of putting together.

They look very pack fresh except for some tiny foil scratches and maybe 1 or 2 tiny white nicks on the back edges.

I’ve read the PSA condition guidelines, but I’ve never seen a graded card in my life. I honestly don’t know what to expect from them… lol To me, they look NM/M or high NM. Might be worth a try! :blush:

And thank you very much! We are super excited! ;D

I agree with cbd1235, send the cards for grading if they are NM/M as it’s very hard to on-sell cards with lower grades unless they are very rare like a pre-Raichu or a Pika Illustrator. You’ve got an awesome set. Good luck on the grades and keep us posted. Regards.

Man, I wish PSA would label them as 1999-2000 (UK Printing) and not just unlimited.