Worst Artwork?

@upccc – It’s evaluation question time!

I recently stumbled across this eldritch abomination. I cannot imagine Ken Sugimori being particularly sound of mind when he illustrated this. This artwork is pretty terrible, in my opinion. I think it’s my least favourite artwork of the Pokémon TCG (In addition, it’s probably the creepiest on record…)

Which card has your least favourite artwork?

Lol, I can’t believe Ken was the illustrator of that card! Creepiest Pokemon card I have seen.

This topic is a great idea! I actually like that illustration.

It was difficult for me to find one that was ugly, but this card reminds me of this picture.

Well the card was made when he was still going through his “experimental phase” like when Kakuna had arm-things :stuck_out_tongue:

I like Kakuna’s pointy arm things and I refuse to believe they aren’t there still. He’s just shy about showing them to the world, that’s all. :blush:

That is interesting, similar to the charmander with the spike on its back.

I never noticed that before, wow.

I’ll just leave this here:

Lol! That card made my day, thanks. ;D

@preston – Your links malfunctioned, methinks.

@darkrai – Wow. I’m speechless. Have they improved since this illustration, at least?

Intriguing observations. I also noticed that Cubone had a bit of a face.

@darkrai – Yeah, I don’t like his artwork, either.

I’d be sad too, if I was drawn like that.

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I can’t even see what’s what on that card…
I have it myself and when I came across it I was like what the hell is this?

I have to agree with you on that, Frosty. I’m not a fan of the CGI cards…

I like the chansey one too!
It’s simple and looks like a watercolor painting.
But the moomoo milk card is the worst ever.

My goodness that Moo Moo Milk one is a card I always disliked. But after looking at it for such a long time now I have finally understood what’s going on in the picture. It’s a Sentret drinking milk from a deformed bottle. Wow, that’s unreal.

Now I see…
Looks more like a hat! :thinking:
Worst artwork ever.

Good lord I thought it was a beedrill drinking from a miltanks utter, I felt bad for the poor thing :stuck_out_tongue:

I always saw it as a sentret drinking from a poorly drawn cow.

I’ve always hated this Pupitar with a passion! I don’t know why


Oh and I hate every clay card (sorry Daelum), case and point:


The clay cards are some of my favorites. When I was much younger, my little brother collected exclusively clay cards. They were the only ones in Pokemon that interested him.


This is my least favorite. He looks downright sickly

That Charmander looks wayyyyyy worse than the one Ash befriended in approx. episode 6 of the first season of Pokemon. Poor guy

Edit: my memory is failing me, as if! Charmander made his appearance in episode 11