Wonder Platinum 034/DPt-P


Can someone give me an approximate value for this card. I heard somewhere that there are about 9 of them. Looking to sell mine, but looking for an approximate price first. It is in NRMT-MT condition. Thanks everybody.



it is number 033/DPt-P :wink:
yes, there are only 9 in existence which means it is the rarest japanese card since 2003. The ebay seller Smason sold his for $2400 (thats what he told me) and another one sold on ebay about 2 years ago for $2000. It is the hardest newer trophy card to find. For the value I am not entirely sure because newer trophy cards are at the moment harder to sell than those old school trophies. But this rare card should in my opinion not be sold for less than $2000… be patient and find the right buyer and you will get that amount.

Hey thanks poke-Geri for the info. Anyone want mine for 2000?

I don’t know if you will find a buyer on here at that mark, of course I may be wrong. But putting it on ebay Buy it now/Make an offer should get the exposure.

Like Geri said, it will take some time to earn that price. Older trophy cards are easy to get a good price on. The newer cards are more difficult because people do not know enough about them yet which makes them inherently underrated.

But being patient on eBay should do the trick for that type of price.

Hi Scott,

I may be interested if we can work out an acceptable price. Have also sent you PM about my interest. I’m new in the forum but have bought a few of my cards from some highly regarded members of UPCCC.