Japanese Championship Arena Trophy


I have some questions about this card.

I’d love to own one of these (IF I find one that is >_>) in the future but what do they go for in Mint condition?
And does anyone have an estimate of the copies that exist? Can’t find it anywhere and Bulbapedia didn’t help much either =[
There was a seller on YahooJP that had the Championship Arena and the Stadium card (Both seemed to be in great condition) with Dialga/Palkia that sold for 100.000 Yen (~$830 US). That got me a bit more confused about the price on the Championship Arena

Thanks in advance!

One sold on eBay a few weeks ago for under 300 dollars and there is a Palkia on yahoo Japan I beleive in mint that sold for under a hundred dollars a few days ago. There is also a Palkia one on eBay in supposed mint condition for auction right know. pages.ebay.com/link/?nav=item.view&alt=web&id=221712478566

prices very extremely on this and the Palkia dialga arena cards i have seen them sale for many hundreds and sale for under a hundred not sure why.

There’s currently a championship Arena on eBay listed for 2k. A little while ago another seller had it also listed for 2k, both are in EX-NM condition.

The mew celebi copy usually appears for sale less than the dialga palkia.

For awhile neither copy appeared, then recently a ton (relatively speaking) surfaced.

I think a range of a couple hundred-high hundreds is reasonable. Most japanese exclusive promos are going to have a wider range because of their rarity. It is difficult to put a specific value like you would on a 1st Ed base card.

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yeah but the one that had went to auction and didn’t do very well at all. I watched the auction it ended under 300 but it is still a very nice card and I would love to own at Psa 10 copy but I wouldn’t pay 2k for it.

Thanks for your reply ^^ Still, this is all quite confusing x3 Isn’t the Mew/Celebi card rarer than the Dialga/Palkia?

Yes. But there are many japanese ultra rare promos that sale for very little even thoe there are only a few copies out there just the way it goes with japanese cards for some reason.

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Which ultra rare japanese promos sell for little?
Also, this card isn’t a trophy card but rather a normal promo given out to competitors NOT winners only. So there are wuite many copies in existence…

Mysterious pearl, victory ring non pikachu there are what under 200 copies of each card look at the 2005 lottery set they sale for under 100 in Psa 10 condition there is what a few thousand of those. Time space distoration battle road promo very few ever come up for sale I have seen more trophy cards for sale this last year then that promo come up for sale anywhere yahoo Japan and ebay combined. I’m not talking about trophy cards no 1 2 3 trainers will always get high prices due to only a few copies of each were made. Just other promos that should sale high but they don’t because most people don’t know about them outside Japan.

The Mysterious Pearl as an example was not only given out as a winners price at the Battle Roads. It was also given out to participants of the Winter Challenge which made the population of copies explode. There are definitely mich more than 200 copies in existence. The Miracle Diamond on the other hand was only given out to winners at the battle roads. There are less than 100 copies in existence and it very rarely appears for sale (apart from the copy that has been on ebay for some time now). Same with the victory ring (without pikachu) and the Time space distortion. There were a lot of copies distributed of those. With a lot I mean compared to real trophy cards with less than 200 copies.
Simply because a card doesnt pop up very often doesnt mean there are very few copies in existence.

I agree that some cards with more copies sell for higher prices but that’s simply because the artwork matters too. But there is a huge difference between “trophy” and “promo” cards. All trophy cards are promo cards but not all promo cards can be considered trophy cards :wink:


The time distortion is also much lower because it was re-printed in mass quantities in English.

In regards to these cards, they were not available for awhile, which naturally increased their value. I sold a PSA 9 copy of the Dialga for $449 when there were zero copies available. It is all about supply and demand. With the recent increased quantity, right now is a great time to buy one if you need it for your collection.