Japanese Championship Arena Trainer vs Stadium?

There is a 2005 Japanese Championship Arena Mew vs Celebi Trainer 117/PCG-P card up for auction on Yahoo Japan.


Would anyone know how this card was distributed? To all Battle Road Autumn participants or only to the winners? How many cards were given out?

And then there is the 2006 Japanese Championship Arena Dialga vs Palkia Stadium card, unnumbered.


How exactly was this card distributed and how many were given out? Which is more rare, the 2005 Trainer or the 2006 Stadium?

I’m not exactly sure how many of each were distributed but the Dialga vs Palkia Stadium card is a lot rarer then the Mew vs Celebi Championship Arena as the Mew vs Celebi card was distributed in both english and japanese while the Dialga vs Palkia Stadium card was only available in japanese

Many thanks gamecard & viper.fox!

I understand that noone knows exactly how many were distributed. But would anyone want to risk a guess, based on what you know about the size of the Japanese Battle Road events? 200, 1000 or 5000 copies? Or more?

neeed this card bad. (jp one) cauz i love mews