JPN Championship Arena(?)

Looks like a variant of Championship Arena, but I’ve never seen it and don’t know what it’s worth. The guy wants an arm and a leg for it, and there’s no way I trade him three Gengar Primes or whatever for it unless it’s insanely rare.

Why is it? This. Any help regarding its value would be appreciated. Thanks.

Theres one listed on eBay at $120.00 by lead_clow

BrianJapan has one on his store at $125.
Jimmy Hume had one listed on his store at 40 GBP ($65) and its out of stock.

My guess is that they are worth between $65 and $120 since someone bought Jimmy’s and no one has bought/bid on Brian and leadclow’s. Maybe $90, thats just a guess though. Hope that helps.

i got mine for like um i think $100 shipped or so…cant rememeber.