WTB Championship Arena Japanese (Celebi)


I’m currently looking for the Japanese Championship Arena.
Willing to spend around $750 for a mint copy, will change depending on condition, but would prefer NM and upwards. :blush:

  • People would have to be willing to ship to Denmark.

Best Regards!

Ive got a psa 9 what are you willing to pay for it ??

Could you send me a couple of pics of it? :blush:

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Still looking to buy, pokedavey had the Palkia vs Dialga one :blush:

There’s a buy it now on yahoo auctions for one atm if you want it: page.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/w208510200

I’ve seen that one, but unsure if it has damage at the bottom right, and I’d prefer to see more pictures before I spend that much - I already tried asking the seller through one of the proxy shopping sites, but no reply.

I might be open to it, could you send me some pictures? :blush:

Unfortunately didn’t get a deal with Hershey - still looking for this card! :blush:

Still looking for this card, updated the price :blush:

I would grab @hershey copy if he still has it available, I myself have a hard time finding this card. I settled for a played one as a temporary solution.

I did want to, but he decided to grade them instead of selling them. :slightly_frowning_face:

Oh fosho! Well just stay patient and hang in there! One is bound to pop up! :grin:

Thanks :grin:

I’ll be keeping an eye out for them, thanks for the support ^^

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Still in search of it, have bumped up the price quite a bit, too. :blush:

Bump, got a little more saved up, so upping the price a little more again! :blush:

Just saw a PSA 9 copy go for $665 on ebay auction today. Made me think of this thread, hope you were in on it. The price is actually mind boggling to me.

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Thank you for the thought :stuck_out_tongue: !

I was, indeed, up to 2am to check out the ending price of it. :blush:
I had max-bid $650, but was certain the max would sky-rocket the last minute to way past $900, but was determined to try and get it for a good price if this wasn’t the case, so I got to setting another bid around 40 sec before the ending time, and noone upped that one, so I won it :grin:

Too bad the seller was uncomfortable sending without GSP, as I had to pay another $250 for import charges, but then the Danish Import Office won’t take like 2 weeks to process it, so I get it a lot faster than hoping it doesn’t get taken. Pro’s and con’s :blush: