WTB Championship Arena Worlds 2005 Promo

Hello all,

I would like to purchase as 2005 World Championships “Championship Arena” Promo. It has to be near mint but not necessarily in PSA9/10 condition.
Please name your price.


Hey, long time no hear! Didn’t you have several of these at one point? I remember I got my mew and celebi one from you. It was Japanese. I wish I had gotten the palkia vs dialga version also.


Yeah I wasn’t on UPCCC very often lately. I had a couple japanese ones, but I never had the english one, which I’m currently trying to obtain. It seems to be nearly impossible, though, because I have talked to so many people and noone was able to help me out :confused:

They’re just all indented. Which really, really sucks.


This wouldn’t even necessarily be a problem. Just finding ANY one would help :wink:

Here is 1, the only one on ebay. It is the English version.


It’s super overpriced. That’s why it’s been there before but not sold.

It seems expensive compared to the other Tournament promos.
How many were given out?

Not to mention they even charge you 10 bucks for shipping a single card in an envelope. :confused: That’s just greed right there.

I imgaine for a card Like that i’d charge 8.99 shipping. 5.99 for small flat rate box and 2.99 for signature confirmation. It’s a $500 sale for that person. I’d want to make sure it’s as safe as possible.

It’s worth half of that.

Numbers are relatively small. I don’t think we have specific numbers. They were distributed by being slid under the hotel doors of Worlds 2005 competitors.

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My mistake, for some reason I read that as a regular envelope. I can see why the charge then. Good point. I got it in my head that they were offering to send it in a regular envelope.

But tropical beach/wind/tidal wave cards are usually really pricy. It seems the Championship arena is much harder to find. With the $1310+ pair of Japanese FA promo Rayquaza and Guillotina being so pricey, it does not seem too ridiculous for me. Maybe contact the seller, to see if you might can get a lower price or something?

Yes, shipping and handling would be about that much for padded envelope, shipping, ebay takes a portion of shipping cost, and the insurance/tracking/etc.

Japanese FAs are just altogether irrelevant. Totally different market.

This seller doesn’t respond to offers over message either. Already tried in the past, as has Lotti. :slightly_frowning_face:

Exactly. That is rediculously overpriced and the seller is really slow in responding to emails.