Wtt for 05 championship arena (japanese)

Longshot but rather than selling my cards individually im attempting to trade for the championship arena first.

Im looking for a psa 10 championship arena which I value around 1000$. I’m aware of the one on Ebay for 800$ but this one seems to have some whitening on the back.

Im offering: all psa 10

Beat of the frontier rally dragonite - 260$
Jr rally entei - 60$
Jr rally celebi - 60$
Indigo plateau - 160$
05 play celebi - 120$
Spring battle road deoxys holo - 100$
Lost link lost remover - 200$
Salamence E-league winner - 60$

Total - 1020$

These prices are around what I paid.

Im in europe so marked down value or european sellers only.

If anyone has one for sale and doesnt like the trade please let me know

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I have one with no whitening issues like the eBay one that I value around $1,000 as well. If you end up not finding a trade, I’m happy to sell it for $1020 shipped per your trade value, and I have no issues marking down value. Only issue is PSA totally botched the case and scratched the front plastic, but I’m happy to polish it before sending it off.

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This stuff works wonders.

Also good luck on the acquisition @sherotgc!

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Hey mate, appreciate the offer and i have some polish however i found one for sale for 900$

Thread can be locked

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