So, I have a ninth Lucky Stadium on it’s way to me. In terms of English trophy cards what’s it worth? A #3? Maybe a #2?

none, closest to the #3 but they sell for around $1,000-1,500 fairly.

Typically the english pika’s go for higher. I purchased one no 3 a little under 2,000. Also the older ones go for more. The 2004 no 3 was on ebay for one day and went for 3,500. This was right around christmas.

The 9th is still extremely rare and just a down right awsome card!

Thanks Scott! I didn’t have a clear idea so I figured it couldn’t hurt to ask.

Yeah no problem! It is one of my favorites! And it is a gem of a card, I haven’t seen it hit ebay in ages, it usually sells privately because it is always in demand!

Well I think you have a good idea what it cost me so you’ll NEVER hear me complain :blush: