will CP etb sellout

after the initial sellout from initial retailers in the coming weeks - will they ever come back? or are etb’s one and done?

One and done sadly

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Afaik ETB have always been one and done though this ETB is being done in two “waves” to satisfy the larger demand. The two waves amounted to ~70% of the preorder demand though my two distributors.


I don’t really understand how this could be true. I just got two Shining Legends ETBs that I ordered straight from Pokemoncenter.com as soon as they came back in stock last week.

I also have been seeing *tons* of new Burning Shadows ETBs in Target and elsewhere randomly popping up in the past couple weeks.

Am I really supposed to believe that these ETBs have all been sitting around somewhere since 2017? It seems almost certain to me that these products have been reprinted and that Hidden Fates and Champions path will too, maybe in a year or two.

Was just going to mention the same thing. Target still has the burning shadows ETB on the website as well. There is no guarantee that it is one and done at all.

Afaik was not a guarantee. Some products are distributed really strangely. I dont know if it’s old product that sits around in warehouses or what. I was actually seeing evolutions ETB on virbank a month or so back that people were getting from wal mart apparently.

Basically just buy it now if you want it. If you want to fight for it at retail it will be available for anywhere from 3 months to 5 years.

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Yep, currently it’s anyones guess what tcpi does. They reprinted ultra prism like 2 years later in these weird 3 pack blister ‘boxes’ we’ve never seen before. We’ll just wait and see. Investing in modern product is definitely made a lot riskier with random reprints.

Has this been confirmed? I swear I just saw somewhere that said 2nd wave won’t include ETBs, but I can’t find it now and have no idea if whoever posted it was legit. It might have been reddit, and just be someone spewing crap ha.

It got confirmed 2 waves by my distributor. Second wave will be the larger wave for most stores as well.

Interesting. Well thats good to hear for people who are going to have trouble finding product. (Not that it’ll change that really, just a few more chances.)

Will no one think of the children?


The ETB pre-order is sold out on a Finnish website and so is every other Champions Path product that is releasing on September 25th so I had to do my pre-order from an UK based site to get an ETB but I actually don’t mind as it was cheaper there. The ETB costs 69,95 € here… That’s almost $83. So I’m kinda happy I took a look at international options.

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How much did you pay and what site? Im guessing Finland is the same as Norway that you get import tax aswell? The few stores that have left turned up the price so they will not get my business.

Why dont people buy V boxes? In my country V Boxes is cheaper pr booster than etb’s. The Etb’s are sold out but there Is a lot of v boxes.

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I’ve never understood this either.

In the UK:

  • ETBs are £54.95 and you get 10 packs per box, making each pack £5.50;
  • V boxes are £16.95 and you get 4 packs per box, making each pack £4.24;
  • Pin boxes are £12.95 and you get 3 packs per box, making each pack £4.32.

You’re 3 packs worse off buying the ETB.

Exactly, i really dont get it. Im gonna order some v boxes now. IDC about coins and so on. I just want the boosters.

Because muh z0rd promo card
muh sealed product inv3stmuntz

Seriously though ETB’s are traditionally the best value if you can get them at the right price (unlikely in the short term now with the CP ETB, you’d probably get better cost-per-pack value in the cheaper v boxes). The biggest draw to the ETB’s is the guaranteed Charizard promo card though, it represents a certain level of guaranteed value.

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The bird trio promo from hidden fates ETB sells for $200 in PSA 10. This year has a zard promo. Why does anyone buy anything but the ETB is the question.


Oooor why would anyone pay 200$ for a ETB promo that is 2/3 years old is the question

And have the promo been confirmed? I have seen the images of the ETB but not a good picture of the promo, will it indeed be the same as the Japanese throphy?


Ah yes, the old adage of why buy a sealed copy for under $2 that you could grade yourself when you can cut out the middle man and buy a PSA 10 copy for 100x that.

I don’t think that’s a good argument towards buying an ETB in the first place; I’m pretty sure with the £12 price difference it will be very possible to buy the ETB promo cards as new on eBay for less than that amount for a good couple of months after the release.