Wild & Irresponsible Predictions for Pokémon Day 2024

it’s not

That would unironically be pretty cool, but maybe instead of 24 Charizards there’s… less than that, but 24 total “dragon” IR, Ultra Rare, SIR, and Hyper Rares. Make an actual cool Lance card to go in there, and/or just lean on Cynthia who’s already popular.

Speaking of Cynthia I’d love an IR/SIR Garchomp. That would be amazing.

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Pokémon posted a scene from Black/White of Zekrom and Reshiram to their official X and Instagram accounts last week. Seems like it’s safe to say gen V remakes are being heavily teased for Pokémon Day.



They posted those as advertisements for the SV DLC. I highly doubt they are an indicator of Gen 5 remakes. Besides, no console has had 2 remakes on it. It’s been every-other generation since HGSS. Gen 5 will be at least 2026

Unova Legends game as a release title for the Switch 2 then

pokémon with guns


I am breathing the Gen 5 remake copium too





Is that jhoto music…?

For a very safe prediction, I think the dates for this years Worlds will be announced during the presents. It’s almost a given since they did the same during last years and at this point we’re only about 6 months away.

Its the “ending” song that plays during the credits of red/blue/yellow


Hoping for those remakes as well ! Would be honestly a great gift for my birthday :partying_face:

Please please give us something good

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I want Black & White 3 (not remakes) and announced for 2026 where they actually take proper development time for a mainline game.

I wanted legends Johto and explaining the origins of Entei, Raikou, and Suicune and the Burned Tower, but S/V kinda threw a wrench in their origins. So maybe it being Celebi themed to follow the mythical Pokemon theme


My realistic predictions!

Red Blue & Yellow to release on the switch.
Pokemon Smile gets a paid DLC update.


EDIT : Pokemon Scarlet & Violet 151 2 … you know. … with Johto Pokemon and trainers.

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Pokémon Quest 2… or just dlc containing more Pokémon. Super low demand game but I have played through the game twice since 2018 and need more :bowing_man:t2:

Happy Pokémon day, E4! Just a few hours until gens 1-3 are announced for the switch! :tada::partying_face::confetti_ball:…right? :confused:


I’m gonna snooze if they announced RBY for Switch. Those games are dated AF.

Gimme some of dat Gen III juice

One thing I’m completely sure is that there’s going to be an insane war on Twitter … I’m mentally prepared for that …