Why Should Someone Live In Your Area?

Every year I find myself in the same predicament. I go outside and I hate the winter weather. I can’t say this enough I hate winter. I’ve dealt with it with the years because this is my home, it’s where I was born it’s where my friends are, my family, everything I know is here. However, I’m starting to hate that excuse.

I know there’s great people everywhere, so I don’t fear making new friends, I’ll miss my family, but it’s something I can get over, and it’ll still be home even if I’m no longer there. Basically, I’m seriously considering moving and moving far from this cold. It wouldn’t be anytime soon, but I thought it’d be fun to see where people in this community live and if they would recommend living there.

I’m not even sure I’ll actually leave, but if someone knows a little pocket of heaven let me know.

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I hear the Ohio area is good! :wink:


Still 80 degrees here in Phoenix.


How hot in July and August though?

Same in Tucson, looks like its another year of shorts at Thanksgiving :blush:

  1. But I’ve lived in Ohio for 20+ years…much rather not have 90 and humid.
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Ohio is great!


Up in Central NY we get snow and freezing rain decently, but no earthquakes, no tornadoes, hurricanes, or anything too crazy natural disaster wise.

The Adirondacks are beautiful and land is relatively cheap in my area. You can get 10+ acres and live in a ~1,500-2,000 sq ft house where you don’t ever hardly see or hear from your neighbors for just a couple hundred grand.

It’s not the place I’d likely choose if I had no family attachments, but I’m honestly pretty happy where I am at.

I’m in Western NY and we have a foot of snow right now. It gets cold but it’s beautiful, great fishing and no natural disasters as mentioned before.

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Being not too far from you @cullers, I totally understand. Last winter was harsh here and this one looks like it will be as well. Just remind yourself how low the cost of living is where you currently are :wink:


Wisconsin isn’t too bad if you can get over the cold winters. The summers out by the lake are unmatched.


Iowa is where it’s at though


I was just talking about this with my grandmother today. I was joking about how ima take her with me to Arizona soon, she was quite fond of this idea. I currently live in Chicago and I’m sick and tired of it. Not only the weather but the taxes, the potholes, the traffic the people the humidity and dead end feeling. I have been seriously contemplating on moving soon. So glad you made this thread I really need to hear everyone’s input.


Southern California near the beach. Is there a nicer climate anywhere in the US??


Pacific Northwest!

Every time someone talks about living in Cali I immediately think of uncontrolled forest fires and $1mil/month rent.


Lol fires are just in the mountain areas where it’s pretty dry. Near the beach is nice, and the rent isn’t too bad.

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I know wages are higher but what isn’t too bad? Before I bought my house I was renting a recently remodeled house with 2,000 square feet of finished living space with 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms also with an attached 2 stall garage for $600.

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If you want to live in the boomer state of australia where progress is frowned upon then tasmania is the place for you.

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