Texas, Deep East Texas Bound

So I finally have gotten a great FT career position as a reptile keeper. Snakes, lizards, turtles, crocs, bats, echidna!, and many venoumous snakes! I will be moving from central NC to deep east (Lufkin) Texas. The Ellen Trout zoo seems awesome. I have only spent 2 days in TX and really don’t know anybody there. It is very wet and muddy right now. Does anybody (on this site) live out there? I hope I can find a league in Lufkin or Nacogdoches because Houston would be at least 1 and a half hours away. There are 2 card & comic shops, so there may be some hope.

Also, I will be staying in temporary housing for a few months while things get settled and I learn the area, then maybe moving into a house later. I am for now, going to leave my store and most of my collectibles behind. Not sure if I will move them all to TX or if I may try to move back to NC/SC in 5-7 years. At the moment I feel they are much safer (and dry!) staying in NC. I wonder if I should take all my cards now. Like 3 big shelves full of binders and boxes of cards. If I don’t take them all now, I will take them all in 3-4 months at my next move. So poll time: who thinks I should take all my binders (all rares are kept in binders) during my first move (which will be in about 2-3 weeks)? OR who thinks I should wait till I move to a more permanent place? If I have all my binders with me, I would be able to make almost any deck I may decide I want. But if I had them all with me I would also worry about not having enough insurance or possible tampering by possible roomates.


Good luck on your new path. When I was going to UCLA (Bio Chem major) I worked breeding and selling rodents for experimental use. I have over 500 scars as memories lol.

I’d say keep your collection in the safest place. If that’s home then keep them there till your confident it’ll be safe in your new home.

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Going to echo this. You have no idea what your new house mates are going to be like once you know them properly.


safety first

Keep them at your home. Don’t bring them on the move.

I only say this because you have no idea how they’ll act, how their habits will be, etc.
I mean you need to build trust with them first. You can’t assume they won’t do anything till you know them!

Congratulations on getting your dream job!
If it was me I would keep them were they are for the moment.Wait for a few months until you have settled in then you could bring your cards to Texas.Good luck:-)

I live in Houston, not sure how far away that is from Lufkin

EDIT: looks like thats about 2.5 hours away or so, which is relatively close considering how large Texas is. To get to most of the nice major cities in Texas (Austin, San Antonio), takes about 3 hours or so.

So, how large was Texas again? =p


Apples to apples.

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Canada is still bigger :wink:

I think you are slightly confused here. Australia has only six states where the distance between major cities can be as big as 2,800 km (roughly 1,850 miles).

I wasn’t comparing the size of Aus to the US. Just the size of states. Many people don’t realise just how large and isolated Australia is. The population is also over 10x what we have.

Ultimately this isn’t a pissing contest of who has the biggest and most bad ass country, just found it funny that someone said 3 hours between cities was a long drive. Lol

I think Australia is about 25% smaller land mass than the USA. Plus the population isn’t close…maybe 90% fewer?

Australia has a comparable land mass if you don’t include Alaska hence the photo. Population wise, it’s 23 million versus 350+ (?) million.

Oh and less guns. Lots less :stuck_out_tongue:

90% of the Australian Population live below that Red line. And of the other 10% about 7-8% is in Perth.

And that is only because Humans will naturally build colonies near the water, and the middle of AUS + a good majority of Western Australia is just desert, literally nothing but desert.

Not that it makes any difference, but six states and two territories. Those territories don’t have a big enough population to be considered states.

Well Texas is bigger than all other states in the USA! Think I will leave cards behind for a while, I am likely to have my own place but the weather & water is what bothers me most. If I go to Aus someday I want to visit the desert and then follow wherever the echidnas are.

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More guns here so more freedom;) I’m never more than 10 feet away from one, or more, of my guns.

You actually couldn’t be any more wrong mate. Stats speak for themselves. I challenge you to think of those poor Sandyhook kids every time you pick up one of your weapons.

As someone who is trained on firearms as part of their job, I detest the public having access to them. There is no safety or freedom in public access. The sooner the US catches up to the rest of the developed world the better.