It's Snowing, It's Snowing!

So you are the one who takes those photo’s for Window’s backgrounds. But seriously that view is ridiculous.

Hopefully that snow comes this way. I just put up the christmas decorations in 75F/24C weather.

Lucky! It RAINED all day here.

Frickin’ Michigan and it rains… Ugh…

That is very beautiful though! Very nice scenery. :blush:

WHAT! 23C Scott? It was 2C here today so we lost a decent amount of snow but it’s been snowing here for a few weeks, and -10C for at least a week and a half. Huge lakes had already frozen over until today and yesterday.

:slightly_frowning_face: 75-80F always in California :slightly_frowning_face:

I don’t like snow much :slightly_frowning_face: Its pretty to look at but my new car will not appreciate it…driving in it is no fun at all.

Much respect to anyone who lives in an area with snow year round!

@frosty: Beautiful photographs!

@frostyfluxy – Congratulations, late bloomer! I’ve had snow since September :stuck_out_tongue:

@cbd1235 – Only -10ºC? Bah. That’s not cold and you know it :wink:

Haze - You should probably change those to :blush::blush:* ahah. But it seems everyone wants what they don’t have. Winter is overrated when you have to dig your car out of a snowbank every morning and let it heat up for 15 minutes before getting in it. Scraping the car off is super shitty, so is winter driving. It seems people forget how to winter-drive every November lol, crashes galore.

Apart from that, it’s wonderful :wink: nothing like a good old fireplace with a nice view of some Christmas lights and the blizzard outside

Ps UU I bet my cities winter average temp could give yours a run for its money :wink: we should compare! -10C is only cold compared to these other guys!

…and a police car chase.

@cbd1235 - Oh, probably. I find every major city in Canada can be just as cold as the others on certain days. When we’re old and grey, we’ll be telling our grandchildren how we “trudged through the snow in -30ºC with a frigid windchill of -50ºC, both ways uphill” (etc.) ;D

Calgary has a negative lapse rate thanks to our high altitude, yet we’re not nearly as cold on average as we should be due to the foehn winds (i.e. Chinooks) that pervade the prairies throughout the winter. I believe our average in January is -8.9ºC. Where do you live again? I can look it up on the government website :blush:

Classic Vid:

Ps I live in Sudbury, ON. Average in January is only something like -13C which is surprising. I get excited when it’s only -13C lol although they don’t factor in the insane wind.

@cbd1235 – Yeah, it’s surprising how the averages are lower than expected! In comparison to Calgary, your winters are colder, so…sucks to be you (chuckles). I empathize :-*

Does your area also experience the 2 - 4 week ‘deep freeze’ (-20ºC to -40ºC)? I think that’s what we remember first and foremost and forget the warmer days xD

Yes I guess it does. Winters are bearable but there’s always that block of time where I check the weather network and every day is between -26C and -38C. I only seem to remember that part :wink:.

hahahaha That video made me laugh more than I probably should have! And how do you guys live in -26 and -38C?! I thought I was doing something with 0F.

Haze, I could not believe how nice it was in California when I was there. I like the snow and winter but that california weather is pretty ideal.

I’m not going to lie, when spring rolls around I have on occasion worn shorts around 0C :slightly_smiling_face:…lol

Scott weren’t you there at Worlds 2011 in San Diego? I was there and I think you said you were there too.

The weather is nice but Christmas time should be snowy and not perfect weather.

It’s snowed twice here in the Las Vegas valley since 1979. But now I’m in the hills area overlooking the valley so ill get snow flakes once or twice a year now. Doesn’t really stick though.
Love these pictures…

i hadnt realized how many canadians were on here! Im on vancouver island, it gets pretty cold here but mostly rain(in victoria). Usualy once a year we get a bit of snow. Once, in 1996 we had 6 or 7 feet. It was awesome!

Personally I’m so delighted it started snowing last week here in Finland. We’ve had snow already about month ago but it only lasted for couple days.

Now there’s snow everywhere and it’s only matter of days when I can go cross-country skiing, yey! As for the temperature it’s currently -9C and I think the climate is quite similiar to Canada. Though up north it’s up to -25C currently.

Well, in Indiana (USA) we’ve had increasingly warm winters. 6 or 7 years ago we could expect to get a beautiful, white Christmas time and scattered snowfall throughout the winter season. The temperature remained low enough that we could enjoy looking at the snow as much as two weeks in between actual precipitation.

But since that time, particularly the last two years, there has been almost no snow. The temperature jumps between freezing and mid-60’s Fahrenheit. It’s rather disappointing and a complete hassle. I would very much like to have my snow back.

(Laughs) Me too! I remember wearing shorts and knee socks for rugby practice when it was close to 0ºC (or colder, because our coach was sadistic…“if it gets colder than -10ºC, then we can cancel practice.” FFFF-)

@chansey – I love Victoria :heart: I visited my uncle and a friend in the winter, a few years ago. I remember how warm it was, although it rained almost every day – I definitely wasn’t used to that! How cold can it get there? The government website says your average in January is from +3.8ºC to +5.5ºC (jealous!)

Yes I was! The weather was very nice. San Diego was beautiful but expensive.

And Stuart that picture made me laugh out loud!