I always wanted Skin Cancer.

For those Farenheit’ers. 40c = 104F


Reads title*
Laughs hysterically*

its mighty toasty in perth!

We had a record breaking blizzard in NYC like two weeks ago. I woke up this morning, look out the window, and what do you know? It’s snowing again.


I’m in NYC too haha. Here we go again

I just want it to stop changing here! It’s jumping between 20 degrees Fahrenheit and 58 degrees Fahrenheit. You don’t even really know which one to expect when you walk out at a given time in the day. It is so frantic.

It’s ridiculous here as well. Some days are 44-50 and now we have a week of 67-78. It’s god damn February

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I was just joking with my mailman that when I open the door I don’t know if it will be snow, ran, fog, sun. It is basically Howel’s Moving Castle over here.

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Between arriving at work late last week and leaving 3 hours later, there was a 32 degree change in temperature.

That is the forecast for here.

As a survivor of malignant melanoma, I couldn’t open this thread fast enough. But what did I find? A weather report lol.


You can’t just drop that kinda fact and not tell the story. Tell us about your run in with cancer, Gary. If you don’t mind of course. I’m interested in hearing it and I don’t think @milhouse would think of it as a hijacking. I best some others have some stories, at least about close family, they’d share as well. :blush:

On this same note, we’ve had an incredibly warm winter here in Fairbanks. Typically around -30F here this time of year, but we’ve been sitting just above 0F and sometimes even nearing 20F… it’s so odd. I’ve managed to wear shorts through the winter so far which normally I have to give up after we hit around -10F.

Sure and thanks for asking:)
In 1999 I was standing in line at a donut shop. I was wearing shorts. The lady behind me tapped me on the back and told me I should get right to the doctor and have the mole on the back of my calf checked out. She said she was a dermatologist and didn’t like the looks of the mole. Apparently it had changed shape and color but I didn’t notice it because it was on the back of my leg. It turned out, that chance meeting saved my life.
The cancer had spread within millimeters of the bone which would have been the end had it reached it.

After 8 surgeries and multiple other treatments I pulled through.
Who said donuts were bad for you;)


Life saved by donuts. What a hoot.

Glad it worked out! Lucky day right there.


Sure was. Especially since two of my sons were only 7 and 8 years old.

Great story!

If I ever meet you in person, Gary, I’m going to buy you a dozen donuts :blush:


IT WAS DONUTS THAT SAVED YOU GARY NOT THE LADY! if you don’t eat donuts every day since then, then you should be ashamed of yourself. I believe this is absolute click bate @millhouse xD

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Good point Pokesyn and that’s a deal Glenn:)


OK, after that picture, I’m officially HUNGRY for a trip back to the States!