Who has the most complete pokemon collection?

Who, either here or in the world has the most “complete” collection?

What I mean is who closest to having all the pokemoncards, promos, missprints, sets, japanese exclusive and so on

dont collect Japanese but i am at just over 7400+ individual english cards and still going, probably a long long way off others on here.

Scott I would say factoring everything you said

Gary for base set

Gemmint for. Just wotc


There was a guy on Pokegym who collected three of every single card

Nobody, just too many cards, either people collect a certain species, complete sets, language or some from each language. But everything? no1 is even close, especially when there’s dozens of cards that not even the most knowledgeable know about.

David Persin has the most comprehensive English Pokemon collection. This isn’t any offense to the people mentioned until now but it is undisputed.

Scott Pratte has the most comprehensive Japanese trophy card collection and, by virtue of that, monopolizes the comprehensive Japanese collection pre-2001 assuming we are weighting by rarity.

Anyone else being considered is doing so with qualifiers.


I just googled him and I’m impressed already but it is all just text. I read that as of 2012ish he has bought every trophy card, does he still do that? Are there any photos of all (or some) of his trophy cards? That would be the most impressive thing I’ve ever seen in relation to Pokemon – almost 15 years’ worth of 1, 2, 3, and 4 trainers.

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He’s at World’s every year. I can confirm he has them all. Scott can confirm he has them all. Dan can confirm he has them all. Its word of mouth, sure, but he has been at every world’s so people regularly attending know it’s legitimate.

No pictures exist because it’s a liability and he collects for himself. Hopefully one day one of us can negotiate an opportunity to thoroughly scan and document everything he has but his time is so valuable that it is difficult. I’d be willing to say no one on this forum can relate to how much money a few hours of his time practically translates to.

It’s hard in today’s day and age of Pokemon to understand how few people in the high end of the hobby are interested in blasting their collections on Instagram, but when you get higher in values, you’re going to find fewer and fewer people buying them for social proof.

Word of mouth isn’t inherently bad. At some point, if it’s coming from knowledgeable, involved mouths, why isn’t the word good enough, ya know?


Yah I realized that word of mouth had the wrong connotation after I posted so I edited but it seems like you started replying to me a minute later lol. I didn’t doubt it, I just really want to see it. I saw that he has a fairly high up position and I get that he doesn’t have the time. One question though: is it his Raichu that Scott saw in person and took a picture of?

Actually two main questions but this one is more open-ended and hypothetical since I doubt he shares this: what does he offer to each winner? Especially now with the old trophy cards being so valuable and the winners having to be aware of that, what do they ask? Does he literally just bring 4 briefcases of $7-10k and walk up to the winners and hand it to them? This is crazy to think about for me, I don’t know why.

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Sometimes I come across in text gruff. I take absolutely zero offense at anything you’ve said and am just having a frank discussion about it. So let’s get that out of the way. :blush:

I want to see it too. Have for years and years. And maybe one day that will happen. But if it does, it’ll be on his terms in his timing because he sees it as beneficial or worthwhile. So it’s just a waiting game. I’ve started going out of my way to document the trophies each year so that people can enjoy them even if David’s collection never becomes publicly visible. So at least there’s that. Additionally, not much changes beyond the stamps. So what pictures are online are more or less sufficient to get the gist. :blush:

The only prerelease Raichu that is pictured online and can be linked to the story, whether that story is entirely authentic or not, is David’s copy. No other traceable copy is pictured online.

What David pays and how he pays it is between him and the buyers. I get the curiosity 100%, but making all of that public would be a liability and not actually benefit anyone. So it remains private. Fortunately, we have other secondary market sales figures we can look at. The trophy card market isn’t as cut and dry as more populated markets and involves a lot of person to person negotiation and circumstances. These are no exception.


Things aren’t always as they appear. Some of you know I dont talk about anything Pokemon anywhere but here on e4. Not on Beach. Not on IG. Not on Facebook, pokegym, YouTube…nowhere else. And here I only talk about the earliest WOTC sets.
Keep in mind though that many people don’t talk about all they collect…only what they love the most:)


All my non Pokemon friends only know me for spending a lot of money to them on Pokemon cards and talking about Pokemon cards while we practice Tekken 7. My irl Pokemon friends know for going on and on about old wotc era cards and cards I am planning on buying. I’m the only person they know who collects psa cards.


David lives in Pleasanton with his wife Stephanie who are both proud parents of their eight children: Andrew, Zachary, Hanna, Alyssa, Sam, Wyatt, Aliana and Luke. As Co-Director of the East Bay Bulldogs Basketball Academy and previous President of the Pleasanton Junior Football League, David has enjDavid joined the Walnut Creek, California office of RBC Wealth Management in 2016 after 19 years with Merrill Lynch. David received a Bachelor’s Degree from California State University Hayward and later, a Juris Doctor Degree from Santa Clara University School of Law.

—————David and his children also take pride in maintaining the most extensive American-version Pokemon card collection in the world.————


Is it too late for him to adopt me


Any idea how many different cards we are talking here?

Can you rephrase the question? I don’t believe I understand what you’re asking. :blush:

Im sorry, what im trying to ask is, if his collection is like derium with 1million pokemoncard or if he has like 50.000 DIFFERENT cards. Are we talking the BIGGEST in size or in different cards?
Please let me know if im still not making any sense haha

Most comprehensive. So the highest rate of completion. I don’t know how you would assess the largest number of cards owned by a non-business individual. That would be a very difficult question to answer if it is answerable at all.

So yeah, I’m definitely talking about who has the most complete collection.

Is there a list of his collection anywhere Charlie ? His name has popped up over the years on other forums involving the best of the best but has he or even one of kids made a list of what they have ? Surely with 8 kids being involved with it, someone would want to share what they have