PSA Pack Grading


Sorry but I need to vent as I find pack grading to be the most gimmicky and stupid thing on the planet.

  1. How the fuck do you grade a pack?
  2. Why should the value of a graded pack be so high? Those packs are all the same unless they have a hole in them etc. Which you rarely see unless it’s a Demo Pack…
  3. They fold the pack in the ugliest way possible inside those cases. I don’t want my “Gem Mint” pack all folded up and wrinkly. That shit ain’t Gem Mint
  4. See 1-3 again because like wtf
  5. Why the hell would I want some stupid ugly clunky PSA pack case? Those things are enormous and ugly.
  6. There are probably people out there who are going to go nuts over this stuff now…and tell me how their “GemMT” packs are the shit…and I’ll give them a piece of my mind.
  7. No, anonymous eBay member, I will not trade you my PSA 9 1st Edition Charizard for your “GemMT” 1st ed pack. DGAF about that stuff, not to mention your trade item is worth 1/3 mine
  8. ebirdman graded packs
  9. A) No Ed…just because the turnaround time is long-ish on them does not mean you can charge a fortune for them. How can you justify that? :stuck_out_tongue:
  10. B) I don’t care whether or not brand new packs sometimes don’t get 10’s… see point #1
  11. C) Do these things even sell?
  12. I just hate the whole idea if you can’t tell!

There’s my rant for ya, what do you guys think of them?

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I just have to agree Jason… when I first saw a graded Pokemon pack on ebay I was a bit surprised and asked myself quite a few of the questions you mentioned … Maybe PSA will soon grade booster boxes :open_mouth:

I love booster packs and if possible I would have them PSA graded but no it’s not possible. Not with that ugly fold they give it. As you mentioned, it totally ruins the whole “Gem mint” aspect of the pack if it even grades that high.

I ordered some packs from Yahoo Japan months ago and while I was stoked to receive them, I said to myself, there is no way I can be disappointed with these at all. When I got them, the top portion of the packs were bent back so it could fit inside a plastic. It was not a pretty site at all. Thankfully I’ve managed to sorta fix the bend but yea, I hate bends. I’m better off just framing packs.

While I think grading is ridiculous, I do like to keep at least 1 of each booster back I open. I think the artwork is awesome on them. I put them in these non-recessed cases like this:

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I have always thought the same thing. Maybe 20 years from now if pokemon is still doing well it will be something that would make a little bit of sense for protection.

Although, in hockey I understand how they grade packs. The packs have four sharp corners and basically mimic the standards of a card (color fading, tears and edgewear). But with pokemon I feel like this is how they determine the grade of a pack.

YES! That is how I think they pick the grades ahahh.

Seriously though, the idea makes a lot of sense for old sportscard packs and even rare Pokemon packs one day but they need to fix the cases. Sure, there’s probably no way to get a 1 size fits all solution, but no way in hell I’m letting them fold my pack. It looks bad, and it damages it. The whole idea of grading is to assess condition and authenticity, then protect. Not assess condition and god knows what else then destroy and make appreciation impossible.

Ps great pack idea Preston!

I would be all for authenticating a pack so as long as the corners were not bent. I.E don’t grade the damn thing and find a freaking case that fits the pack! …at that point you may as well protect yourself…what this boils down to is a way for people to make more money because a “10” is associated with pack. It all goes back to what I said about to much importance being put on a grade…now it is to the point where someone is just trying to sell you a number. Grading works great for cards. it does not work for pokemon packs.

Thanks guys, in case (lol) you were wondering:

Thanks for the link preston, too bad shipping costs to germany are outrageous even for those small items :unamused:

I love your method, would do the same!

PSA will grade almost anything (they probably won’t grade plutonium and crap like that). I’ve seen sealed Pokemon Crystal’s graded. I’ve also seen a PSA graded N64 (in box).

PSA dont do that sort of stuff your probably confusing them with VGA they do grading on game’s etc.

My bad, Beckett does that kind of grading :stuck_out_tongue:

Not to derail, but I love the way those non-recessed screw cases look for packs.

On topic: The pack grading seems like a really great idea that shouldn’t be adapted to the Pokemon world.

Hi guys. At the risk of everyone being angry with me…I’m the one who started and got PSA to approve pokemon pack grading. This took me a year to accomplish. I thought of it because of all my customers who had become pack collectors.
There was a lot of excitement and I had many preorders. Needless to say, I was extremely disappointed when my large order came back. The ill fitting cases just ruined the presentation. I was going to return them all but with all my presales I asked those customers what they wanted to do considering the problem. Most still wanted them so that was it. I filled those orders and dumped 90% off on other sellers keeping only a dozen or so shadowless 10s which I still have.
Now I’ve seen many of my old packs sell, so e for big amounts. Plus, like always, many sellers copied my idea and started grading packs themselves. I just felt that as one of pokemons top sellers and probably the top collector. I just didn’t want my rep attached to these.
Here’s the irony: I started this whole idea…and I’ve never sold a single one to a buyer or on eBay…only bulk sales to top sellers lol.
Well, that’s the story.

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“…probably the top collector”

What do you have that makes you think this?

I’m with Haze…haha

But yes I could handle the idea but it’s the shockingly illogical cases that have lost me and rendered the whole thing to a joke in my opinion. The cases ruin packs, period. Disappointing that PSA went that route. Good for you, however, for taking the initiative to start it. Too bad they disappointed both you and the entire population imo

Jason your on top right now!

I wouldn’t jump to that conclusion yet! I’m sure there are very very interesting collections out there. Including that of DPersin etc. But thanks :blush:

Top collection is very subjective. What if someone had 100 1st Edition Base Set Booster Boxes. Would that be a top collection? Very hard to tell!

I wonder if we could all somehow come to a conclusion of what constitutes a top Pokemon card collection? Interesting thought!

True. David Persin has an amazing collection of English cards. No one will ever come close to it. A top collector to me is having the top notch cards. Quality over quantity.

I must agree defining what a ‘top collection’ looks like would be very difficult and very subjective. There is general acknowledgement that DPersin’s collection is a top collection. To me, Scott’s collection is also a top collection because of my bias towards trophy cards. I’m sure there are other top collections within the UPCCC community that would not include a single trophy card.

Every collector will aspire to own a top collection. For this reason, I’m hesitant to set a ‘criteria’ for top collection as this may discourage some from the hobby altogether if it becomes too difficult or costly to assemble one.

Just my 2 cents worth. Thanks.