Do you recommend grading booster packs?

Just a general question, do you recommend grading booster packs? I want to keep their condition perfect and keep as a collectible. But from pictures I see, PSA bends the flaps (at top and bottom) so grading may actually hurt the booster packs. So I just want to get an idea on what is the best way to go.

Also does anyone know if BGS grades booster packs?

I don’t think they grade packs but not sure. Check the Beckett web site for info.

The Pokemon pack grading service at PSA needs a major overhaul.


The reason why PSA folds the flaps is because if they dont the pack can move down or up and bend them even more.

While folding them it makes sure that they cant be damaged but again they could maybe idk glue the pack to the slab.

I don’t know if it’s something I’d recommend, but it is a nice lil niche market. Not too many graded packs around, compared to cards. It would be more pricey though.

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Gluing it would ruin the purpose of grading it though?


Maybe just open it, throw away the cards and then fold it in half the long way. Then it should cram nicely into a regular sized card slab instead of those huge pack slabs.

I am speaking of that cheap stickly glue thing. I am sure it will not screw up the pack at all.

But those loose ends are hard to protect.

I sent my packs to get graded.


IGN Rates that 10/10

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I wouldnt recommend it, in my opinion they look shit. the flaps are part of what makes the packs look great.

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They need an insert.

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Please dont mention gluing the packs again -.-


Waiting for @garyis2000 to put in his opinion on gluing packs in cases.


Glue, The, Pack…

*starts flipping tables*


It isnt a glue. its like a platsic slab. I am trying to think of something that they use for it.

Like I am drawing a blank. Just something to hold it in place and it wont damage the pack. Even using those stickly pads from Card sleeves can even work since it wont damage it.

When I first said it was a joke since you cant protect the flaps you nut cases. I love my entei packs I know how to keep them in top notch looks.


Or wait. @killerred09, are you talking about the sticky stuff they put on credit cards when you first open them? Like the little ribbons of detachable glue that you peel off easily but helps hold a credit card or gift card to another surface?

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I got a couple of booster packs arriving shortly, I was thinking of getting them graded assuming they arrive in the condition expected simply to stop my impulse of wanting to open them and see what’s inside. However upon this topic and some replies I am rethinking it, will just have to learn to show some restraint and not give in and open them

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Making the slab with precise measurements for a booster pack would prevent it from moving. As long as it is pressed correctly where the cards are. Right? I would say nothing more is required aside from precisely measured dimensions. I mean really, you(the person) are not going to be shaking it around vigorously either way. Thus needs to be recomended to PSA/Grading services. So until this happens, no do not grade them. The borders(if they contain a holo)of your cards might get silvering, considering how old they are.

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I had some Chinese base set packs graded. Not a fan of how they folded over the flaps. Would look better in an extra large card saver sleeve.

Never mind eh. At least is serves the purpose of there being an extra step to open them.

If they graded booster boxes, that would be cool.

I would love to have my booster boxes graded!