The biggest collector

Alright guys

I wanna know who has the biggest collection $$$ wise ?? I’m guess it’s either Gary, Scott, cullers, pokemonrev, gemmint, or tca??

And to add to my question how much have you spent on the hobby ? :blush:

Prob Gary with the amount of volume he has.

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What about sales wise ? Whose sold the most $$
Wise ? I’m sure you’ve done well over $100k

Not enough, jake sell me your unlimited box :blush:


Hahah sold long ago :joy: probably my to early tbh

Generous god from discord has the most sales recorded :dolphin:

I have no idea who that is haha and judging by the emoji a flipper ?

Yes, but I’m probably not on the top of that list either.

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probably someone you have never heard of


Scott’s trophy cards and Illustrators put him at a range that’s hard to even estimate.

But I also know that Gary has like a basement full of sealed base set boxes lol


There’s a lot of people with extremely valuable collections that don’t advertise it or are not active in the community. I’d put my money on one of those


Because I’m curious :blush:

I don’t care who has the largest, but let me add some context. There isn’t a mysterious private collector with a larger trophy position than myself or larger charizard collection than Gary. There are certainly strong cards spread through a few private collectors. But top positions are not replicable in any hobby.

Also majority of my purchases are private. So if people want to talk about private collections, I’ve bought more in the past 3-5 years than the previous 10, and I show maybe 5%.

Either way positions are impossible to replicate at this point. Similar to Rudy, open boosters, or Jim brusso in mtg. Unless you have oil tycoon money or you buy out Gary or myself, it’s not possible to replicate.


So between you and Gary we’re talking $2-3million in Pokémon or
More :open_mouth:

I don’t think anyone else has done 7 figure deals yet besides myself. So yes we have that individually.

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Incredible :blush: and would you say the money you’ve spent on Pokémon is less than the value of your collection ? Surely it must be with the trophy cards values

All I know is that it’s crazy that collectors like Scott, Gary, and others really do have collections that are worth millions of dollars. Millions!

I think about my position - it’s very small. Just a complete 1st edition thick stamp PSA 10 base set, a complete 1st edition thick stamp PSA 9 base set, a PSA 10 trophy Kangaskhan, and some other random stuff, and I would estimate my total collection to be worth in the ballpark of $150-200K.

Then I think about how my collection is so tiny and insignificant compared to the top collectors in the hobby and it takes my breath away.