How much have you spent so far?

I was curious on how much people have invested in pokemon…

Assuming you’re in this forum, you have spent a lot ._.

I’m asking because I"m thinking of selling off part of my collection I don’t really care for.

I have absolutely no way of even figuring this out. haha.

Idk either… maybe a rough estimate? I think I spent $10k…

Nice topic dude. Impossible for me to answer though. My first purchase was in 1998 which included 350 sealed with stickers b’day pikachus and 2000 cd promo sets which totaled 48,000.00. Tough to estimate a total of the last 15years…

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Your Jumbos? :grin:

I’m jealous of Gary’s collection.

too much man! too much, I need to calm down because I’m spending most of my salary on cards

I’ve probably spent, in total on Pokemon cards (not limited to my collection) $6k? Probably somewhere between $6 and $7k. My collection right now probably has a value of ~$2-3k though :stuck_out_tongue:

@daelum I’m considering to let go my near complete ENglish/Japanese jumbo collection for the right price.

I don’t know the real cost whom I have spent but it’s more than 6k, around 7k and I don’t have ultra mega rare cards like Ilustrator or the unikarp or mega battle. I collect only the cards for the artwork, I like play with Pokémon cards but I prefer collect them.

Good question actually.
I once made a list of my purchases and sales but if you forget doing it for some time you lose track. Ruffly I would say not more than 500€ and I am planning not to go any further than 1000€. Like I said in some previous thread I limit myself to collecting certain cards only (sticking to my wants-list). I might even sell big parts of my collection again and keep only the few cards that are really special to me. I might send them to PSA and/or keep them in a special frame or whatever. Gonna post pictures once I made up my mind :blush: I try to strictly follow Jason’s great guide (

More than $1 million — possibly much more.

Of course, this is because I owned a toy store in Tokyo that specialized in Pokemon merchandise.

In the 1990s, I sold sold several hundred (possibly thousand) cases of Japanese cards to overseas wholesalers. It all added up…

I’ve spent WAY TOO MUCH. I balance it by selling cards though, which eases the wallet slightly.

Thanks :blush:

Starting 7/16/13, $69.96 (including shipping). For the most part, I only buy if it’s a very good deal. Of course, I’m just waiting to see how long it will be until I start splurging ahah

I’m thinking of selling my collection off…that’s why I started this thread.

*Looks at title* :unamused: *feels ridiculous*
Considering I started out with the idea that I would only buy back the english promo set I loved so much as a kid I have spent a lot more than I ever thought I would. I don’t feel bad though because it makes me so happy! :blush:

I really freaked out a little the first time I paid $20 for someone’s old collection.
Then the first time I paid $100 for a single card.
Then the first time I put $1000 in cards on a payment plan.
Then $2500.
Now I look back and laugh when I think about how nervous I was spending that first $20.

Probably more than $2,500 hard to say.

Enough to get me in trouble with my wife if she finds out. :blush:


I’m so glad my girlfriend won’t be reading this …

But it’s over € 30.000,00 (can’t control myself :wink: )
I like to buy Boosters and Boxes for opening and collecting, so things really add up over time.

When you never hear anything from me, my girlfriend has seen this thread.

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