When's the last time you opened a wotc pack?

As stated in title. What pack did you open? What did you pull? For me it was last year, 1st Ed rocket, pulled a holo Dark Blastoise!

I opened 36 heavy 1st edition Jungle booster packs and 24 heavy 1st edition Fossil booster packs in 2016. I did this because I was frustrated that the price of the boxes (~$800-ish at the time) was so low compared to the price of the individual cards, so I wasn’t going to pay for the price of the individual PSA 10s even though that’s what I really wanted. Now the prices of the boxes make a lot more sense ($5k+ for Jungle, $4k+ for Fossil). My thinking was correct in the moment but the better long-term move from a value standpoint obviously would have been keeping the boxes sealed.


had too many beers in January and opened two 4th print base and two 1st ed fossil. really wish i didnt…

  1. 1999-2000 Base Set, it is never worth it to open WOTC packs

If I open packs I only open heavies, opened a 1st neo genesis and got a Meganium in January.

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2 years ago, 1st edition team rocket box, don’t have any regrets - not worth living life that way :blush:


Opened 3 base set 2 boosters boxes at end of 2017 - pulled one charizard. And no it wasn’t a 10.


Any PSA 10s from this?

Talking strictly about the holos…

  • 3 out of 36 Jungle holos received a grade of 10 (Electrode, Nidoqueen, Scyther)
  • 10 out of 24 Fossil holos received a grade of 10 (2x Gengar, Dragonite, Haunter, Hitmonlee, Hypno, Moltres, Muk, Raichu, Zapdos)

So 13 out of 60 overall.


@hyruleguardian do you think silvering was the main factor in the jungles being graded lower than the fossils?

It’s hard to say for sure but of the random sample of cards I had the Jungle cards definitely had worse silvering issues.

My experience is hardly unique though, the PSA 10 population of Jungle and Fossil holos shows that.


I’m sorry to hear that you had a such a bad batch. I’ve got some jungle heavy packs from various sellers. I only opened one pack and got a vileplume that had silvering that was almost hard to see. I’m debating on opening them because that, but the 9s seem to be worth more than what I paid for the packs.

did you keep the extra gengar? That’s one thing I regret was not holding on a few WOTC holos that I graded. I sold everything that was’t part of my collection goals (at the time).

My luck was below average on Jungle and above average on Fossil. But Jungle holos are notoriously tough grades, I can’t act like what I experienced is that unexpected. 1st edition Jungle holos generally have between 650-750 submissions and almost all have PSA 10 populations below 100, with 5 having populations below 70 (so we’re talking about a 10-15% PSA 10 ratio for all the 1st edition Jungle holos that have been submitted to PSA).

Yes, I kept both of the extra Gengars (I have 3 total).

That would be when Skyridge was released back in 2003. I think I only opened one or two as I have very few cards from the set.


I’ve opened almost every box from WOTC except for jungle and 1st edition base. I have no personal experience. I’ve opened about 3 or 4 of 1st ed gym challenge & heroes. Those boxes would almost always be 50-80% psa 10 rate. Fossil and team rocket were 30-50%. I know there are PSA conspiracies out there, but I have yet to see many returns like that from anyone. I bought complete ex deoxys, FRLG and TRR. Every single ex got PSA 10 and 1/2 the gold stars got 10. sequential numbers. When does that ever happen?

I got a 42% PSA 10 rate on the Fossil holos.

My 8% PSA 10 rate on the Jungle holos was subpar, yes. But again, Jungle holos are notorious for how tough they are to grade as 10s. Maybe try it yourself if you’re a skeptic. :wink:

2015 for me. I went to a card shop in Seattle with my husband, who I was dating at the time, and we bought a few Fossil 1st edition packs for $8 each. Pulled a Holo Magneton which I have in my binder collection now. At the same place I saw a 1st Ed. Charizard, probably somewhere in between MP-LP for about $200 which I almost went for, but passed. Now I know I should have done it! That’s just how it goes.

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Mine was an Unlimited Base Set pack in 2013.

My friends and I would have a big tournament when I made my annual visit back home, and we would all chip in to buy a first place prize for the winner. I won that year (with a deck using those crazy Aquapolis Vileplumes). The rare card was a Clefairy, and I gave it to a friend to help him complete his set.

1st Edition Jungle and Fossil back in 2017. Pulled three holos: Clefable, Kangaskhan and Electrode.

This was back when the packs were going for around $20-25 each.