What's your favourite set in terms of art from 2003-2018?

Since I only grew up with WOTC I am curious to see what are some of the best sets from after that time (after Skyridge in 2003) that I don’t know about. Post some individual card artwork as examples as well!

For example, lately I’ve been enjoying the Forbidden Light art in general, and one example of a card I enjoy would be Sylveon

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If you enjoy great artwork I really recommend you to check the ex-series out (sets from Ex Ruby & Sapphire up to Ex Power Keepers). For me that era is up there in terms of my favorite artwork on the TCG. If I posted all my favorites this would become a spam post! :grin: I have to say the Diamond & Pearl & Platinum era also has lots of great cards in terms of art, especially Majestic Dawn set’s holo cards.


Maybe you can post your top card? or top 5 at least? :blush:

Sure I can! :blush:

Here are some examples of my favorites from ex era:

And DP era (all these cards are actually in the Majestic Dawn set!):


You should check-out this thread - there’s A LOT of really cool cards posted within there!



Heartgold/ Soul silver Sets !


I usu answer this by saying my favorite set from each expansion

EX - Fire Red Leaf Green
DP - Majestic Dawn
HGSS - Call of Legends
BW - Dragons Exalted
XY - bleh none stick out
SM - ditto

If I were to rank all these Majestic Dawn >> Call of Legends > FRLG >>> Dragons Exalted


A lot of the legend cards are pretty great. I remember in my weird high school phase when I saw one of these for the first time it blew me away


Grew up with base set so only Evolutions has come close to being my favorite.

Honestly not a huge fan of all the full arts these day. Regular holos are still my favorite.

Only full art I like is Ancient Mew and that’s because they did everything right on that card…except making it a promo lol

Such an amazing card but gets disregarded because of how cheap it is.

Aa far as modern cards I love the reshiram from Legendary Treasure.


From some angles it doesnt even look Holo but then bam it is. The artwork makes it look all ancient as well.

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Sandstorm, FireRed & LeafGreen and Crystal Guardians have a lot of nice artwork in them.

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To this day I still feel like almost nothing holds a candle to Neo Revelations. So much consistency in terms of great art work and style. Every card felt original, almost every card had stunning artwork, it also introduced Shining Pokemon, a premier that not even Mega Pokemon hold over it.

No other set after has held my breath since. I had high hopes for XY at the time, but so many of the cards came out as cheap disappointments.

Crystal Guardians is a close second. Gym Hero’s/Team Rocket for third.


From the original EX series, I’m split between Ruby & Sapphire, FireRed LeafGreen, & Legend Maker. How can you choose a favorite amongst these?

It’s getting late so I’ll go into the D&P series later, there’s some great stuff there too.


Fire Red Leaf Green

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I did already, but I needed even more!

Personally Crimson Invasion took Pokemon Art to another Level,

Nihilego-GX for me is probably the most inventive and creative piece of art Pokemon has ever thrown at the collector,

The set as a whole can not be matched and I have 5 complete sets sitting in binders ready for the obvious time when this set will grow in appreciation from all parts of the pokemon community, get in soon before it’s too late,


See the above and tell me I’m wrong :blush:

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EX Legend Maker for me. :blush: Together with Gym Heroes and Gym Challenge it’s my favorite set in terms of artworks. EX Emerald and EX Holon Phantoms are pretty good as well. But tbh there isn’t a single set I dislike (only Emerging Powers is a bit underwhelming, though).



EX Dragon, Secret Wonders, EX Delta Species