What's next for the tcg?

As well all know the current era is coming to an end quite soon and I thinks along with a lot of others are hoping for a change from the full art/ex era to something different. Any change to the cards obviously affects how the actual game is played completely and so anything that is introduced must be balanced.

Is was basically just wondering what people would like to see change so I thought I might as well make a thread on it. Personally I think that they should take ex cards out for a little bit and take the tcg down a bit hp and damage wise, possibly just have break cards with another type of rare card in the SR/UR spots, I like the idea of evolution being viable in the tcg as it is a core part of the games and the TV series. This would enable longevity of the tcg as it would mean it could creep back up to where it is. What are yours guys thoughts?

EX gone. Impact and influence on the meta is boring and stale. Ever since we got Mewtwo EX in NXD the entire meta has been based around them. They are absolutely trash to look at as well. Megas need to be totally changed in card design.

The concept of a Full Art can stay but have them taken away from the EX cards, if they continued them but only as Trainers and Special cards (2 Golden Reshiram/Zekrom and the Silver Dialga).

Holos desperately need to be freshened up somehow, all through the BW/XY era they have been almost meaningless trash pulls. I have even thrown some of them away because they are just so bad.


Nothing will probably change and Megas will continue to be a blight on every single set that is released and we will have the same uncreative and unimaginative ways to distribute cards. (EX Box after EX Box, after EX Box).


More Mewtwos and Gardevoirs… ;(


-eliminate EX/Mega cards
-stage 1/2 focused era and less hp
-worse pull ratios for UR cards, give us good reason to open lots of boxes while hoping to hit jackpot eventually
-bigger variation of reverse holo styles, those have been really dull since gen 4

Some things that come in my mind for now. TCG needs hard reset badly from collector pov.

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Hopefully they take a break next.

Limited printed cards… Almost like a Lottery card.

Print only 1000 of a certain card and release out through booster packs.

Would be kinda cool, and give more a reason to open packs, atleast for me


People seem super interested in signatures these days. It would be really cool to see some legitimate signatures thrown around as inserts.

Oh my God. Idea. Give me a patch card with “part of Ask Ketchums hat.” I would pay so much money.

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Or part of professor oaks coat.

Guys, how are you not as excited as I am about the idea of pokemon patch cards right now? I look like an eager moron at work right now.


A… A patch of Pikachu fur?

-imagines the sound of horrified gasps around the room- :dizzy_face:


Yeah no. Let’s stick to people. Lol

This idea is too NSFW for the forum!


You just know some kid at a pre-release would pull one and immediately play it in his pre-release deck unsleeved.


No they would know it was way too important to do that with. They would stick it in their back pocket for safe keeping while playing through the whole tournament in the un-air conditioned game room getting swamp-butt then forget about it and mom would send it through the wash.

But seriously the amount of collections I have bought from craigslist/eBay for ~$10-$100 that consisted of ultra rare cards totaling hundreds to thousands in value originally when they were pack pulled is sickening. I have a pile that I keep of ultra rares that are creased, water damaged, ripped, bent etc. and I just collect them until I get about 50 and sell them on eBay as heavily played poor cards. Very sad times to reflect upon all those wounded soldiers.


Limited print now down to 999 lol

At least the value would go up for each one destroyed in a deck

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Would be awesome if they did some stuff like what marvel and other collectible card companies do. Add some 1/1 sketch cards, and maybe some booklet cards that have full panoramic pictures.

But I don’t think stuff like that will ever happen because Pokemon will always be a “players first” game from now on.


As much as I hate this as a collector, this is so true.

Is it really players first if every experienced player with any degree of notoriety is saying the game state is in desperate need of a revamp? Lol

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Is that happening right now?


They have been saying that since I started playing competitively lol