When will the SM era end. What do you want to see next era

Hi all.

Any of you have a good idea on the date of the last SM era set? Following this, is it normally 3 months afterwards that we would get the next era of cards?

wht would you guys like to see in the next era of cards.

personally I want them to get rid of 5ban graphics for full arts and not have a colour full art than hyper variant.


The packs of the next era need to be given a little bit more variety than just common/uncommon/rare/rarer. Here’s a few ideas that could be included in packs to make opening them just a tad bit more exciting:

A rarity 1000x more scarce than hyper rare.
1 of 1 cards.
PSA or BGS graded cards.
Pokemon autographs.
Actual anthropomorphic pokemon included in the packs.
Real estate.
Additional packs within the packs.
Macaroni and cheese (with the crust).
DVD box sets of The Wire.

Would definitely be a lot more exciting than what we’re used to!


Something equivalent to Gold Stars. I thought HR cards would echo that release a bit, but they fell shorter than I anticipated.

Unique art + unique pull rate = everyone enjoys.


For the love of god we need some variation in the full arts.


Bring back the cosmos holo style. The new regular holo look horrible. Also would like to see gold star type cards again.




Make secret rares great again. Tired of these boring item cards.


Can we start a petition?

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I’ll sign the one that gets rid of full arts forever. Every time I see one I get a flashback to the acid party’s from the 60s.


I’d love to see gold star equivalents or card that’s 1/10 boxes. With 20 secret rares in a set, the cards aren’t rare anymore. They will need a secret secret rare just to get back to the equivalent of a secret from the past.

I would like to see cards that have:

  • Higher quality control on centering
  • Shadowless design
  • 1st edition stamps
  • Cosmo style holo-foil
  • Rarer Secret Rares
  • NFC (near-field communication)

See: B&W / XY era.

You’re welcome.

This is a topic I can totally get behind. If I was at the helm of the creative direction of TPC, this is what I’d do with the TCG:

Sets are limited to 50-80 cards maximum.

Pokémon are rotated, as in every Pokémon will see at least one printed in each generation of the TCG.

Rarity tiers are not expanded upon. You will have common, uncommon, Holo rare, ultra rare / double rare, Super Rare / Full Art, Secret Rare. That’s 6 different rarities.

Full Art / Super Rare becomes the normal chase cards, they are printed 1:box for Japanese and 2:box for English.

Secret Rare cards are truly that. They can be any common / uncommon / rare that is printed but have unique artwork and Holo pattern/texture. They are limited to 100 copies in each set. The style would look similar to shinings or gold stars. Only the art/Holo changes, no physical mechanics of the cards. They are not numbered parts of the set.

Secret rates are scattered throughout promotional packs / prereleases at a suitable rate to encourage players to open and play.

No more CGI, all artworks are now hand drawn including all Full Art / Super Rares.


It will end when new gen game comes out so maybe late 2019 or late 2020. Also I want to see full arts with actual art return rather than solid color backgrounds or all rainbow shiny.

I wouldn’t be surprised if they introduced some AR mechanics into the cards.
Scan the cards with your smartphone and watch it come to life!


Every card in the set has a variant with the same artwork but the Pokemon is recoloured to be shiny. Found in 1:8192 packs.


Godpacks. Kinda like MTG did in a couple of older sets, once in a blue moon, you get a pack full of holo rares or better. Sounds nice right?


1:37 cases seems incredibly harsh odds mate don’t you think?

If a set had 150 cards, you’d need over 5,500 cases to have a realistic chance to open one of each.

Sounds great to me, even if they only did it for a couple sets. I can go to my local game store right now and buy modern hyper rares for $10-40 CAD each. They are the best pull you can hope for but most aren’t even worth 3 packs. If you’re not a jobless kid, there’s nothing in modern products truly exciting to pull. That’s a market of people they are neglecting.

I want to see cards that are worth opening packs for. Pulls that make grown men cry on YouTube. I wanna see people take on the near-impossible goal of hunting down the whole set. Some genuine excitement in modern product. Modern cards worth grading that wont be pop 700 in 6 months.

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I’m very down for the reintroduction of the cosmos holofoil… really can’t stand the current one. However, I am a fan of full art cards, so a fresh take on those would be nice!

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