Pokemon following Magics market?

Noticing this quiet a bit. Scott just did a video on the interesting fact that pokemon is becoming more placed on playability. Which is undoubtedly true. Are we going to follow the same trend where the future lies only in WOTC early EX sets? Is my tin foil hat on right?

And Japanese exclusive products, which seemingly are doing amazingly strong.

Hmm I don’t know much about Magic but aren’t the alpha cards/beta/old cards still very powerful? or am I wrong? I mean, the old WOTC cards are useless because their HP is way too low and attacks cause way too little damage.

Yes they are playable, but they also have a original collecting feel. Big bucks in the old graded cards, and the new products getting more and more useless.

Even though I’m only on the Pokemon side, I’ve stuck my nose in to the magic scene the last year to look, it’s remarkable how much they correlate. Regardless of the play style difference, more on what’s still going well, and what isnt.

They’re useful in formats nobody really plays anymore (except for dedicated niches) because it costs too much to build decks. The reserved list has made legacy, modern commander and vintage cost thousands to build.

Alpha/Beta/Unlimited copies of the cards such as the Power 9 would be expensive even with reprints. Not many of them were produced. Even copies in poor condition of unlimited cards would still hold significant value.

When it comes to “modern” Pokemon sets from BW to current day… I think the full arts, secret rares and hyper rares give plenty of value to collectors. It’ just going to take time for the market to soak up supply.

I mean to the average person. There’s serious barriers to entry and the formats are seeing less popularity at a casual, local game store level.

Imo that’s what matters most because that’s the core of MtG.

Legacy players are a tiny but strong niche. They’ve bought in and they’re not going anywhere but I wouldn’t say that the format is growing or “hugely popular”, just a dedicated niche.

And my bad, I meant to say Commander.

Unlimited Lotus would still be expensive cards though. People would still gravitate towards them.

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Pokemon is rooted so much more on nostalgia than mtg though. We have the anime, games and tcg where as magic is just the tcg. That being said it is THE tcg but value is so dependent on playability. Karn isn’t $80 because people love the character, he’s $80 because he’s played in a tier 1 deck in modern and has relatively high scarcity. If he gets banned like many other cards his value will plummet immediately. I see potential in vintage magic but I’ve veered away from the modern era. i play for fun but am moving my funds into Pokemon for the stability.

TPC seems to focus mostly on players not collectors, so it makes sense that card prices for modern sets are dictated by playability. I think there’s too much supply in this era for anything from a set to hold significant value that isn’t backed by playability.

Once cards rotate they’re going to plummet like shaymin and stay down - without playability backing their price I think there’s too many cards in circulation to have the price propped up by collectors only. So yeah, I think in terms of collectable value, it’s gonna drop off significantly after the EX series and especially for XY onwards we’ll probably find there’s not going to be much value 10 years from now due to the amount of product that’s being consumed now.


Do you realize how obsurd 99.99% of the population would take that statement? Lol


Not until you made this comment but yeah… lol .

This is more what I was looking for. I understand the games are very different, but what I am noticing is it’s either magic vintage or bust, and the swinging trend with Pokemon is familiar, I’m hoping it doesn’t continue.