What Sold Listings Have Told Us

That Base Set Unlimited Sealed Booster Boxes are selling for higher prices than Legendary Collection Sealed Booster Boxes. Despite there being a substantial difference in supply.

Is this overwhelming support that the classic sets are just more desirable? Or is it because one person sold the base set box for 1k and since there is such a great supply the copy-cats decided to do the same. Legendary Collection box holders waiting it out?


*edit: not necessarily higher, but nearly the same

Are you in the US? I’ve only seen a couple of Legendary boxes sell from here in the UK and they’ve been for more than the average Base box.

Yes, U.S. on eBay. There have been Base Set boxes not showing photos of the charizard (blue or green wing) selling for 1k.The legendary collection boxes I see have sold right for 1k and $935.

Though there is a huge range for the base set

Those prices are pretty good for a Legendary box, did they sell very quickly for a BIN?

I keep a keen eye on the base set and from late last year to about March(?) they seemed very rare compared to now. I think the price jumped up, with some selling for almost £1000 which is like $1500 which then brought about many more of them being listed and the price has gone back down again. I think this cycle will just repeat and repeat with the average price steadily rising throughout.

I can’t believe either of them passed the $600 mark. It seems these boxes are pretty high in demand.

Nostalgia is one hell of a drug.

Another thing as discussed on other topics, lots of older boxes have been butchered during past years so they’re not so common sight anymore on market. :blush:


That’s almost $28 per pack…I mean the cards are great. But i’m seeing a ton of people around my age (25) who collected in their childhood starting to collect again once they get a decent job and money. Probably people who graduated college making $50,000+ a year buying the boxes… To me it’s not worth the price because singles are so much cheaper…(And I make nowhere near that amont of money…) Also, I got back into Pokemon when Triumphant was the newest set in 2010. Back when prices on cards and packs were way down. Since then MANY prices have increased bigtime…

Almost 2 years ago Skyridge boxes were only $200… Was going to buy one, but sadly Never did. I should have…