Sealed Box Legendary Collection 2002, GChallenge and others

Just found a Legendary Collection booster sealed box on ebay for aproxamaly U$ 6k !!! Single boosters over 70 U$ and Blisters for 160 U$. I visited my parents last weekend and found some old pokemon I had. Collections I never played. Some closed boosters from base set, fossil g.challenge and g.heroes. Left everithing related to pokémon behind when I got engage. Legendary was just released and I never opened the boxes. Is it real? I will put the house down to find those boxes LoL. Coudn’t find Legends Collection Sealed deck box price; anyone? I was a MTG collector and brought my collection wen I married but have no Idea pokémon could reach these prices. I’m almost 45yo now.

Cheers CZBR

If you could possible give us a list of what is actually there then I am sure we can help you with some average prices.

6k for a Legendary Collection Box is quite outrageous so don’t get your hopes too high that it’s actually worth that much. However, old Pokemon booster boxes have become quite valuable over the last few years so you may have a nice little honey pot.

Thanks Milhouse, if I manage to find the boxes belive something about 3 boxes of boosters and 1 box of dekcs of challenge and legendary. unopened boosters of BS2 BS Fossil and heroes I already brougth home with me with some bs and bs2 foils and some ultra pro pages filled with some rares from them. Maybe 40 sealed boosters from these editions and the singles but I noticed sealed boxes have better prices. Will manage to upload som pictures.

Will go to visit them again 2 days from now.


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booster image - posted from my mobile. dont know how tonincorporate :frowning:

Someone using a desktop may incorporate the image if want.

22 fossil 27 base set and 17 gym heros… next week wil try to find legendary boxes.



very nice, those base set boosters are close to a grand alone

1000 US dolars?:thinking: Just theBase Set???

I think our friend was trying to say that 27 packs at the going rate of their average selling point ($30) would almost equal 1k ($810)

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Nice, now need to find the Legendary boxes. Coudn’t visit my parents yet. Will come back here when I got them.