When & Why did Legendary Collection Boxes Increase

So last year I had 2 legendary collection booster boxes. I paid sub $300 for the 2. I was tempted to open them, but ultimately I sold 1 of the boxes, sealed, and opened the other and sold the booster packs individually. I made a profit on the boxes, so all was good.

Like I say I foolishly did it, as I now want a legendary collection box. I bought an entire set mint, so I was still in profit from the packs and box I sold.

Looking now, I can only see one listed on ebay.com for $1200… obviously it wont sell for that, but yea.

Why and when did the legendary collection booster box (and packs) increase so much in value?

Sealed items… are just getting ridiculous in pricing… and almost impossible to find anywhere in the world.

The demand is too high, and… there is not enough supply.

So many people want to make booster box openings on youtube now also… and people are just buying and breaking for their youtube shows.

Everyone is chasing gem mint cards also, and fresh boxes is the way to go for many people.

Its so sad… but, this is the journey we face when we choose to be a collector.


On top of that, the long-time supplier “Blowout Cards” finally ran out of boxes.

I purchased my single box almost two years ago for $240 from them. I’m surprised you got two for under $300.

its funny how alot of the older boxes pre r/s era are going higher and higher every year.legendary collection was sought after but its very surprising boxes of that are peaking higher than a base set unlimited box

I think Legendary though in particular would be skyrocketing because people are now getting their nostalgia kick, and those RH cards are stunning.

I wish I sold you my set back when I had it! 3 Boxes of pack-fresh sweet, sweet RH… :sunglasses:

Supply and demand mate… Basic economics. An auction would supply a more ‘true value’ have any auctioned off recently? If so for what price?

Its just so strange how this particular set has jumped.

I remember when I first got back into collecting, I think 2008 (after stopping around 2002 when I was a kid), I was picking up WOTC Booster boxes for as cheap as £30 sealed!

I don’t think they were that cheap ever…

I remember legendary boxes auctioning off for $200 2-3 years ago. I am not sure how much they will auction off for now. I can see an Australian seller listing them fr $700 ($650 USD) which is still far too expensive.

I totally have to agree with this. Unfortunately there hasn’t been any auction for lc box lately, all fixed prices.

Yeah it is annoying. I barely see boxes auctioned off, people just wish too hold off on them and try to sell them with a high premium. I mean 2.5 k for neo destiny first edition booster box? Get outta here!!

Someone auctioned off a VS Japanese Set Booster box the other day… I was the highest bidder at $300, that is until 15 seconds were left and the price jumped to a final at $685 I believe. (I wasn’t expecting to win that anyways)

Which colour was it?

The color was Green/Yellow (: (I believe the other one is red/black?) I think both are listed on eBay for buy now at 1000+

It sold for $685? Makes me happy I picked up my box a year ago for $350 haha

It sold for *697.76 (FreeShipping) my correction.

Funny thing is, this was an auction and one person had the same box listed as buy now or best offer for 1,197.00 and accepted an offer less for what the auction price ended at (that was in Feb. though). Also the same can be said for the red/black box, however that price was sold for apprx. $750 buy it now(best offer)

Oh, that was THAT box? That’s been on eBay for ages! No one was ever going to pay the $1,197 for it.

Hmmm… not sure if it is the same one you are thinking of. Well they could be.

There are two VS Edition 1 Sealed Japanese Boxes both on eBay right now listed at 1,197 each. Coincidentally those same two sold at a best offer (but the buy it now price was the $1,197 price). And last night is when the auction ended for a separated listed box at the $697 price.

So maybe someone bought them and just decided to re-sell?


Nevermind, the two currently listed and the two that have been sold were all by the same seller. The one that went for auction was from a different seller. So the one seller must have a stock of them

Ah ok. Well, it’s always good to know what the market is for boxes as rare as that. If the market is that good for them I might have to sell mine soon.