What’s everyone planning on bringing for the Himeno signing?

I plan on only bringing one card. Celebration fanfare 306/s-p

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if i was going, one of them would have to be jungle eevee. another would probably have to be butterfree. they’re just so iconic

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One card for two signature slots?? :hushed:

Are they only allowing two? If I end up going I’m thinking about one of my favorites from expedition

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Two per visit through the general queue. Based on the demand you should expect to go through once but also prepare to go through between 0 to 2 times. Purely speculation at this point but zero times seems much more likely than 2 times

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Yeah I’m trying to source either a super minty rising rivals snorlax league promo or ar7 arceus from platinum arceus. I’m a d&p and platinum cuck😂

1 girlfriend and 1 cat.


Sounds like I’m going! First ever pokemon event I’ve been to. Seems pretty exciting. Hopefully I see some of you guys there!

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It has landed