Which Card to Get Signed?

Arita is scheduled to be at the Toronto regionals and so, getting a card signed actually just became a very real possibility for me (very shocked tbh, thought it would be cool but never expected it to happen lol). So, ive been frantically brainstorming what 2 cards to get signed… i think ive fully settled on bringing a 1st edition base charmander, but my second is still up in the air. Heres some cards i had in mind based on what i already had. Have you guys ever struggled with this kinda choice and if so, how do you pick out the perfect card?

Will you be there? Which cards do you wanna get signed?


The delta species Ray is one of my faves, good luck with the signing

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Gold Star Rayquaza if you got one


I went back and forth when Saitou was coming. I had most of them picked, but I found it was the last two that (possibilities that they would even get signed mind you) that were tough. I asked my mum and she pulled through.

Arita from what I’ve seen will sketch a copy and paste of the exact image of the drawing. I guess try and visualize what that could be, and take account on your ultra favorites, and God speed.

If I had to pick for Arita; it would definitely be Dark Jolteon from Rocket. That’s my goal one day to get that signed by him OR Pikachu Base Set. One day inshallah.


I went back and forth as well for Saitou, and in both of my times through the line I didn’t decide on the cards until the last minute. The main factor there was uncertainty about sketches, Saitou being willing to sketch any Pokemon, do it incredibly well, and not change across days was a big factor.

I assume Arita will stick to the 2 cards, 1 sketch throughout the weekend, so this will make things easier to plan. Even so, I will likely bring a large number of Arita cards just in case things change, and depending on if I get through the line more than once!

Out of your cards, I love the delta species Tyranitar and the Pop 5 Lugia/Ho-Oh. But it is such a personal decision on what to get signed! Some of the things I thought about for Saitou/will consider for Arita to pick what cards I want signed are:

  • What is the artist doing for signings/sketches and how would a sketch/no sketch look on the card?
  • Will the artist use specialized colors and/or paint pens or just black sharpie?
  • How many cards can I get signed per round and what is the likelihood of getting through the line?
  • How well does a signed card match with my collection?
  • What are the cards I have strong, meaningful connections to that were done by the artist?
  • What cards, when signed, would be unique and memorable collection pieces?

I definitely think ill bring a few, i didnt rly consider that before! Hopefully ill actually get to have any signed!

The cards ive posted are mostly from my childhood collection as well, so it would be really special to have one of them signed by the legend himself.

I never even thought about multicoloured sketches… i may just ask for black sharpie tbh. Im planning to make through the line once, that would make me super happy, itd be unreal to go twice. I actually cant even believe i may be getting cards signed by Arita!! It just seems unbelievable honestly

It’s better to bring everything you can, as mentioned. At the Saitou even I even sold a couple extra cards I brought

I think this is one I’ll try to get done.

I also think that getting like a set or pair that go together is fun. Like the Fossil legendary birds rocket or Aquapolis+Mcdonalds Umbreon.


I’m wondering the same thing! Never thought I’d have the chance to get signed cards but being so close to Toronto I’d be crazy not to.
Jirachi secret rare for TMTA is the only for sure I know I want. there’s a solid 10+ cards in considering for that 2nd spot( like that Lugia you are considering too lol)

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The sets are actually a really cool idea… too many good options lol

That Jirachi was one of the first to come to mind!! Its so difficult only picking two lol!

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Honestly, same conundrum, different event.

This is my preselection, have to narrow down to 1:

Blastoise is glossy, don’t know if it makes a difference in signature quality. It is generally a great artwork that in combination with a pretty relaxed textbox lends itself well to signatures. Arita reached out to me to share the picture of Rayquaza on his twitter so that would make for an excellent choice. The Raikou is historically my all time favourite card, and a signed version would basically give me a master set of every version of this card.

@needszeebs I love the Ho-Oh and Lugia pop-promo’s, their text box isn’t messy (have spots for clean sketches), theyre super detailed artworks and banger Pokémon. You could do some googling to get an idea of how certain cards look when signed.


Torontonian here who has never been to a live signing. Really looking forward to the signing as I never expected Arita of all people to come to Toronto.

As for cards I would like to get signed, my first pick is unquestionably Base Set Venusaur.

Bulbasaur was my OG starter back in Red & Blue and I was so enamored with the card as a kid, but never got the chance to pull or trade for one as my parents wouldn’t let me buy packs. To have a signed 1st Edition copy would mean the world for me. I don’t have the card on hand so hopefully I can find a reasonably priced NM or PSA 7-8 copy (basically as long as the front looks clean).

As for the second card I’d wanted to get signed, there’s just so many options. Thankfully still have a month to think it over.


The Raikou and PLAY Rayquaza were also on my list of considerations!:sweat_smile: he honestly has too many good cards. I was also thinking of gloss, like if i wanted him to sign a slab…
Im rly considering the Lugia… its from my childhood collection and i still remember when i first got it.
Do you think he’d put his english or japanese signature? I think his kana signature looks super clean, so id love to have that one…

@ddk ikr, its a dream that hes actually coming here!! Thats an incredible card to get signed and a sweet memory! Signed 1st edition base just feels like a must; its stuff of legends!! Another card i had in mind were the alto mare Lati cards. Heres my long list of possible cards if youre looking for ideas lol

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That Vending Areodactly is so awesome, definitely a good contender.

Arita makes some really amazing art and occasionally the holographics don’t do the card any justice.

Here are three cards, I’ll be bringing all non holo (I’ll choose two of the three when the time comes).

And of course I’ll bring some extras just in case


Thanks for the suggestions. Crystal Celebi, TMTA Jirachi and Dark Typhlosion would be up there for me but I have those in PSA 10s and I don’t think I could ever crack those to get signed.

I completely forgot about Aquapolis Umbreon tho! Might be between that, Red/Green Gift Moltres or Crystal Golem.

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