What else do you collect besides Pokémon?

Besides my Whiskys, which I have been collecting for years and have posted here about it earlier, I recently bought a mask. A mask you say? A match-worn and signed mask by Japanese pro wrestler Ultimo Dragon.


Throughout the years I have collected statues from a variety of companies but I mainly stick with First4Figures. They hold licenses for a ton of different video games and their statues are very high quality.

This is the main Zelda and Mario collection. Mixed in is my strategy guide/comics. These statues hold a very special place because they were some of my first chase pieces.

These 4 cabinets hold my Kotobukiya Pokemon collection. I also collect the Wand Company replica poke balls. The holy grail is my 1:1 mohawk Gremlin.

Across the top of our tv is the complete Cowboy Bebop line from First4Figures. Love the series and had to snag these beauties. Also Mugen is at the end. Sadly that line didnt do well enough so they never released Fuu or Jin

Sideshow Collectibles had a Disney license for a short time. During that time they made these 4 beauties. In here is also some random little Disney related figures and the Hot Toys Winnie the Pooh

These shelves are a bit more cluttered but they contain my Amiibo collection and my NECA Gremlin collection. Also a handful of CE’s and Pokemon figures

If you see anything you like and have questions please don’t hesitate to reach out to me. Thanks for your time


Rad to meet another who collects the LOTR Decipher boxes and cards. I finally got Treachery & Deceit, and I think I am only missing the box in between with Sarumon now.

Have you hit any of the old Middle Earth boxes? Cheap and fun to open since they are cartoons again.

Oh, um, I have a little bit of a collection from a lot of hobbies lol. Plants, tea, books, stationery (washi tape, stickers, rubber stamps, wax seals, fountain pen and inks…), tattoo ideas (I’d have more tats if my money didn’t keep going to every other hobby haha), and when I travel I like to get magnets, postcards and those penny souvenirs mentioned above whenever I see the machine… It’d be nice if at least some of my hobbies and interests weren’t so pricey :sweat_smile:


Wow must be hard to manage and store all that stuff


Hmmmmmm no not really, I have a nice sunroom and lots of storage containers that I have labelled so it’s easier to organize and find the stuff I’m looking for (the tea is sorted into 4 bins in the kitchen area). The goal is for everything to have a home! Sometimes my sunroom gets out of hand after a crafting session or when I haven’t had time to upkeep everything, but a bit of dedication keeps it in order. I do have some books I want to donate which would make shelf space for more books. :books:

The only thing I don’t know where to store in my sunroom right now is my new/growing collection of pokemon binders but my very lovely spouse offered to keep those in his room. :')


These are just awesome shelves with so much stuff. Just a practical question, how do you keep them dust free? Or is it just a nightmare?


I tend to dust them once a month or so. I use a couple different sized makeup brushes to get the dust off. The Amiibos are annoying because there are so many of them but the statues arent too bad.

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I collect minerals since my childhood and even before Pokémon !
My father has a huge collection (more than 500 beautiful pieces) and got me into this hobby :slight_smile:

Here are some of my minerals :

  1. Benitoite : my favorite mineral that can only gives such specimens in the San Benito mine
  2. Axinite
  3. Apophyllite
  4. Goshenite (a variety of beryl as emerald, aquamarine, morganite, heliodore, red beryl)

Do you have these out on display? Would love to see a collection of these on display

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I am currently looking for a great display so I hope they will soon be in a display.

But here is the only picture of one of my father’s displays I found on my phone :slight_smile:


C’est magnifique! Big fan of all sorts of minerals, gems and polished stone. Don’t have the capacity to collect myself but I can appreciate a good collection when I see one! Partial to the green pieces, they’re wonderful.

The father of one of my childhood friends was the boss of a huge stone crushing plant, he would always bring these gorgeous blanks for us to see at school. Fond memories.


Thank you !

Even after years I am always impressed by how our planet can create so many different minerals with so many shapes, colors, reflectance, … :heart_eyes:

I also had the opportunity to go hunt for minerals in the nature with my father and even if we did not find crazy pieces it is an unforgettable memory :slight_smile:


Someone talk me out of completing the 151 Tomy figure line… Recently found my old stash and I have about 100. Mostly Kanto with a few Johto.


I would 100% do it if you already have 100!

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I have a ton of those sitting in my sons room right now!

I don’t think you’ll find anyone talking you out of it here! If you have so many, I agree with @Dyl about finishing it! They’re very nostalgic.