Other collections?

Hi all,

(Almost) everyone on this forum collects Pokémon TCG cards, we all know that. But I was wondering if you guys/girls also have some other collections? I see a lot of threads for a certain type of non-Pokémon collection, like the Music, Anime, Yu-Gi-Oh or Pogs collections as the currently latest posts, which made me wondering: what else do you collect?

Ever since I was a child I always enjoyed collecting things. I started collecting beautiful peddles that I found and post marks from letters when I was around the age of 6, and have been collecting a lot of different things in my live so far.

Some of my collections are:

  • Minerals, Gemstones & Fossils [since the age of 6 - started as peddles though]
  • Pokémon Cards [since the age of 9 - and now specifically Pikachu, Seviper and Mimikyu cards since the age of 23/24]
  • Yu-Gi-Oh Cards [since the age of 11 - currently only my TCG/OCG/misprinted rarity collection is maintained (missing 9 (misprints) out of the 87 ones I know)]
  • Special Euro Coins (or money in general :laughing: ) [since the age of 14]
  • Twisty Puzzles [since the age of 19]
  • Post Stamps (stopped collecting these about 6 years ago, although I still try to get all 20 Christmas stamps every year. I also took over the post stamp collections of my mom, uncle and grandma.) [since the age of 6]
    (PS: I’m currently 25 years old.)

And in the past I’ve also collected flippos/pogs, things from local supermarket actions (like stuffed animals (Happy Tails for the Dutch among us), 3d cards, animal cards, etc.)

So, do you guys/girls collect anything besides Pokémon cards, or you’ve had other collections in the past? And if so, what and since when?



Hey! Awesome thread!

Here are some of the non-Pokemon TCG stuff I collect.

I really liked Yu-Gi-Oh as a kid, but collecting two card games was a little too much for my family. My parents and I could easily sit down and play a game of Pokemon together (which we still do), but Yu Gi Oh was always but more of a stretch. I kinda always hinted I wanted to collect Yu Gi Oh, but it never really happened until I decided last summer to open some packs and buy some select singles. Now I have a small secret collection of Yu Gi Oh cards! > : D

Here’s a link to the album: imgur.com/a/mojyB

Kaiba was my favorite character as a kid, so naturally, I had to start a small collection of Blue Eyes White Dragons! Was planning on collecting all the variants, but collecting Pokemon sets has been the focus of my card budget these past few months. I’ll probably revisit this goal once I’m farther along in my Pokemon collecting journey!

Here are my current Blue Eyes! Sadly my SDK is in really bad shape (bought it from Good Will for cheep) As a joke I kinda want to rip it in half + tape it back together like the one in the anime. imgur.com/a/psI2L

In addition to Pokemon cards, I also collect Pokemon figures! Here’s a small look at my Pokemon figure/plush collection. Photo taken from Instagram.

I also really like anime! I don’t collect DVDs (I use streaming services like Crunchy Roll and other… methods…) I do collect figures of my favorite characters! My favorite anime is probably Neon Genesis Evangelion. I’m eyeing a Guts figure from Berserk I want to add to my collection that comes out in late March. Soon… Soon…

This photo also includes some more Pokemon figures, some Digimon, Akira, Cardcaptor Sakura, and some vinyl from a company I really like called Chima Group! I’m also thinking about getting into collecting Kaiju vinyl, as I really like a lot of Kaiju designs.

Also, this is just what I have with me at college at the moment. I always take my favorites with me! (I’m such a nerd, I know) I have more back at my house in Michigan! :grin:

Here’s a small collection of my comics/art books that I have with me. The rest, you guessed it, are back in Michigan. I really like collecting small press/independent stuff, but hey, you gotta have some classics like Watchmen! Two of the Japanese books are the Pokemon TCG art books, and the thicker one on the left is a collection of Ken Sugimori’s work + manga. Cool stuff!!!

And finally, probably some of my favorite things I own (besides Pokemon, of course) my animation cels! All of these are original production cels and used in the making of these cartoons! I currently own 4 He-Man cels (backgrounds are Xerox) and one Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy pose drawing. I hope to add more to my collection soon!

He-Man and a Dragon/Bird Creature.

Prince Adam w/ Xeros background. This drawing was part of an animation cycle that was reused.

Skeletor! Fun fact, only Skeletor’s head and hand is drawn in this image. The rest is all Xerox! Great example of the limited animation Filmation used in their work.

Orko! Both the cel + the pencil.

And finally, Grim from Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy!

So yeah those are my collections! Thanks for reading!



Thanks for sharing your collections @pokesoap! I see I’m not the only one who collects all kind of things. :grin:

My parents would never play these kind of games. We have played a lot of regular playing cards, but never something like Yu-Gi-Oh.
Only my uncle was kinda interested in Yu-Gi-Oh sometimes, and I’ve played a game with him once or twice.

For me it was the opposite. I collected both Pokémon and Yu-Gi-Oh cards, but Pokémon only for collecting not caring about duplicates, and Yu-Gi-Oh mainly for playing (having some cards like MST or Monster Reborn over 10 times for all my different Decks). Irl I mainly played with my little brother, and sometimes his or my friends. And later I played online on Dueling Network.

Now I have around 3,500 Pokémon Cards (excluding duplicates), and around 3,500 Yu-Gi-Oh cards as well (including duplicates). But now I’m only focusing on Pokémon and twisty puzzles. As for Yu-Gi-Oh I’m mainly after all unique rarities… That reminds me, I should look on ebay for those last few pesky misprints a bit more often and make a video soon. :blush:


Dang you guys got some nice collections. Do you like take-apart/put-together puzzles Quuador? I’ve been watching a lot of youtube vids recently about them and I think that might be my next hobby.

Pokesoap I’m jealous of that charizard figure. Last I checked they were selling for like $300 on amazon.

I don’t really collect anything other than pokemon atm. I used to collect empty liquor bottles but I’m not too proud of that lol. I still have the nicer more expensive ones.

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No problem! My pleasure! I love sharing what I collect! :grin:

My parents were always big into gaming, so Pokemon was perfect fit for all three of us. Something we could do as a family and all have fun at. We used to go to tournaments together and play the decks we built. We never really were concerned about winning, but only playing the Pokemon we wanted to play.

Some stuff came up related to school (lots of projects/college apps/resume building stuff) so eventually we didn’t have time to play competitively. I really really miss it, and would like to, if I get the time again, to get back into it. I really want to build a Decidueye GX deck and play it, as Decidueye is one of my new favorite Pokemon, and the new GXs remind me of the fun old EXs + Lv.Xs

Me Yu Gi Oh memories are mostly about the anime, trying to play the Yugi and Kaiba starter decks on a windy pier (bad bad idea) and my dad complaining he couldn’t read the Yu Gi Oh text. I really like a lot of the monster designs in Yu Gi Oh, so I mainly collect the archetypes I enjoy, but my first love is always the Pokemon TCG.

Once I complete the English + Japanese Exclusive Sets, I want to go back and collect duplicates of the cards to make an ultimate Pokedex. My ultimate goal is to have three copies of every English variant and Japanese exclusive (minus super rare trophy/promo cards over $500, but I’ll leave spots just incase.) of every Pokemon. Insane, I know. I might start knocking out some of the easier Pokemon now, but I want to stay focused on my sets. Still have many left to go!

Good luck grabbing those misprints! Sounds like a fun goal!


A thread like this pops up here every so often so at the risk of being repetitive:

1920s science fiction Pulp Magazines (amazing stories, science wonder, et all)

1950s/60s sports cards

MTG 1990s only

Hundred different non sports cards sets

Vintage Error cards (mainly baseball)

Special serial #d Dong (my favorite is 2009s 09090909)

Yugioh uncut sheets

Keep in mind I’ve had a lot of years to collect stuff so there is more;)


I collect a number of different things, mostly Nostalgic items. Items I could never get as a shorty. Old-school items that are unique and somewhat rare. I collect memorabilia that didn’t exist before that does now, for instance:

-007 Memorabilia

Francisco Scaramanga’s Golden Gun:

-Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers (Green/White Ranger memorabilia)

Dragon/White Tiger Morpher!:

-Dragon Ball Z Figures

My favorite one, Super Masters Stars Piece Super Saiya-Jin Goku (based off Akira Toriyama’s iconic 100% Power Stage SSJ Goku illustration):

-Coins(Foreign, Proof, Silver & Gold)

Some Lady Liberties & Dead Presidents:

-US Paper Loot(Red & Blue Stamps[Silver Certificate], Star Errors, Foreign & Pre-1950’s)

Blue, Red & Star Error US Bills:

-1991 Honda (Actual Cars -No Rust, OEM, Stock-, Brochures, Catalogues, Flyers almost anything '91)

My favorite car I own is my garage kept CRX Hatchback, family car was the Civic Sedan and my daily driver is my Accord Coupe here’s a nice booklet I own:

-Hotwheels(Real Life Make & Models, Iconic TV Show/Movie cars)

Way to many to photograph, these are some of my favorites, 1985 CRX and a 1990 Civic Si, Back to the Future De LoRean, 1st edition Ferrari F40 with functional hatch, Simpson’s family car, Jetson’s capsule car:

-MLB Logo Stickers(Official MLB stamped, maybe gradeable by “professional graders”)

I have almost every team, my favorite logo is the Milwaukee Brewers Logo, although my favorite team are the Southside Chicago White Sox!:

I have a lot more items but these are a select few that I occasionally just look at and admire in silence.




i don’t really want to showcase my collection still. It’s not big or anything, just all stuck in storage at the moment until i can finally settle and own a house.

  1. Pokemon cards
  2. Marvel cards / various non sports cards
  3. Retro video games
  4. uncut sheets
  5. Some toys and figures

I have a couple star 100.00 dollar bills. Is there any premium value to those?

@garyis2000 probably around the $200 range if someone collects star errors as you collect Charizard. I personally collect the ones I get in return when exchanging currency in regular everyday transactions. But if I ever run into a mint silver certificate star error I’ll cough up the extra buck :smirk:($3.50)

Amazing collections in this thread! The Golden Gun is sick.

Pokemon is my secondary collection to basketball cards. I collect 90’s Penny Hardaway and early career LeBron James cards. Basketball is my first love but I still nerd out with my Pokemon. I watched Scott’s video on sports cards compared to Pokemon the other day and really enjoyed that.

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Oh boy! Well I have been called a super collector by more then 1 ex, a toy hoarder by my mother…lots of collections. I have been collecting since I was a kid but do plan to sell at least 40% of my stuff. But really any funds for collections in the last few years have gone to pokemon cards! The ninja turtles and zelda stuff I started collecting waaay back in the 80s. The power rangers, pokemon, sonic and dragonball back in the 90s.

But other notable collections - wish I had more funds for

Legend of zelda figures and stuff- (want a box of new cards, the figma and nendroid figures)-
Dragonball Z figures- have tons - but now mainly buy female characters and trunks
Ninja Turtles figures-still want some of those golden oldies like Scratch, Mona, Irma

Power rangers figures- yes a lot of Tommy items. I still want original US dragon dagger and DX megazord. And some cool random figures/dx zords from Dino thunder, wild force, jungle fury, megaforce, and dino charge. Don’t really like the US “iron man and transformers had a baby” look of the new US movie, doubt I will go for any toys.

Yugi-oh cards and figures - now just seek a few cat, dark magician girl, dark magician, blue eyes dragon cards n figures
Pokemon plush- over 400 at a 2014 count -still want some random old ones, shiny plush, and some of the new stuff (alola sandshrew and stufful)
Pokemon anime
Pokemon manga
Pokemon figures- over 600 at a 2014 count
Sonic hedgehog stuff
US comic books - all sonic and IDW turtles titles, but this fell by the wayside for the last 2 years


I collect cameras, although wouldn’t call is a serious collection since I mostly buy them to use. The good thing about them is they pay themselves off in as little as 1-3 photo-shoots. Wish my Pokemon card could do that lol

This is about 20% of them, the rest are either in my garage or storage.


i had an ex who loved these, pretty awesome. There is some second hand stores in japan flooded with these types of camera’s. You would love it. Shop is called ‘hard off’ if you ever come.

Sort of on the same subject, but I have always wondered if you can negotiate in these second hand stores in Japan? Including Manadarke etc. or is it just not done?

Haha negotiating in Japan, is pretty tough. Especially at these larger retail stores. I generally get laughed at and told off if I ask for discounts, even when I bundle alot together, most stores won’t discount. Occasionally some will but it’s quite difficult (maybe small business’ will discount a little sometimes). But mandarake, best you can do as a foreigner is claim a tax reduction of 8%

Ahh OK thanks man thought as much lol

I really like the design of those collapsible Polaroid cameras! I bought my wife the one-step Polaroid 600 last year for Christmas. Very impressive collection you have amassed.

You want to know how you can tell you’re getting old?
When you find things you used to use every day in museums lol.

I was at a motorcycle museum in Laughlin Nevada where I saw a 1967 Triumph Bonneville 650cc. Well that was my first motorcycle which I bough in 1969.

Maybe I belong in a museum😩


I do plan to go someday, buying Japanese exclusive cameras over here gets pricey. Take an all black Canonet QL17, you can find them as little as 2,500-4,000yen over there, where here in the US they dont sell for anything less than $300 USD, most go for $400.