Share Your Favorite Side Collectible-Non Poke Related

I think we had a thread like this but figured I’d start a new one since I just got this back from framing.

Like my Yugioh and MTG sheets, this was framed by the incomparable Monster Framing. It’s museum quality and utilizes the same ultra high UV rated acrylic used to protect master works.

The hand painting showing Gretzky in motion, by the up and coming sports artist David Fatla, is a one of a kind and the only piece created bearing this pose. It took the artist 21 days to complete the painting. There is a YouTube video showing the artist working on this particular piece.

It’s autographed by both the artist and Wayne Gretzky.

Can you tell how excited I am over this awsome side collectible :grin:


I am starting to enjoy collecting pre 2005 Star Wars Legos(I don’t plan touching anything after Revenge of the Sith). I am no elite collector;I am happy to save money by purchasing open box product. Sometimes they cost a fraction of what they were during the prequel trilogy resurgence and I always wanted some of the larger items(Like #7150, which is a duo of a Y wing and Vader’s Tie) but could never convince my parents to buy them. I don’t have a large collection because I just recently started but I appreciate how much more affordable and often equally enjoyable it is compared to Pokémon Cards.


Does silver bullion count? lol



I also collect fossils, minerals, etc. I have a lot of free time lol


I would like to see some of those!

Wonder guard or maybe… wonderguard?! It can be especially useful for some Pokemon.

I have a friend you might know - they love gems very much. They love RUBIES and SAPPHIRES of course. I think there’s another one they love most though…

You probably know it. Chemically speaking, you could even use the letters to spell out their name!


Fire Agate

Indiana Geode 24" X 26" 22lbs

Muti color Stilbite from India

APOPHYLLITE growing out of SCOLECITE growing out of Stilbite from India

Kentucky Agate orange/pinkish/red

A couple Cephalopod Fossils from Kentucky. I mainly hunt for Fossils in Indiana and Kentucky. Also for agate, geodes and such.


My baby


These are my favourite cards in my collection though.

Imagine 4th-print Base… except every holo has gold star pull rates, there’s 5x as many different gold stars you can possibly pull and you need to go through $1080 worth of sealed product just to get 36 packs of this print run (at the time of release in 2004).

That’s how hard these are to find.


That jersey looks awesome and nicely framed!

I’m a Marlins fan, Marlins and St. Louis Cardinals do spring training in my town (Washington Nationals and Houston Astros just built a stadium here too last year so that will be cool to see more teams) so I have the chance to get autographs. With the Marlins going through players almost every year like paper towels I’ve had the chance to get a bunch of different players. My favorite one though would be this Jose Fernandez ball, unfortunately somehow the auto got smudged. I got some of his autograph cards to make up for that but it just doesn’t feel the same cause I met and talked with him for the baseball. Wasn’t here long but was my favorite player on the team, he was so fun to watch play because of how much he enjoyed playing. I got to talk fishing with him the couple of times I briefly got to talk to him and just seemed like a nice dude, too bad about the circumstances around his death. That was the first time in my life where I was actually really emotional around a celebrity/athlete death, that first baseball game after is up there with one of the saddest things I’ve ever watched. Wish he would of signed it on the sweet spot so all the balls would be facing the same direction on my wall but oh well lol.

A couple of the other guys. This year I got into baseball cards because I didn’t want to just keep getting baseballs signed by the same players, guess I could sell them but I’m not really into that. Though it would make sense to sell one of the Ichiros to make back all the money I’ve spent on baseballs but don’t think I could lol. Barry Bonds has to be one of the cleanest looking autographs around.


Ive got lots but in the past year mainly just legend zelda amiibo then ninja turtles 5 inch figures by playmates. Both are pains to find these days.

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Definitely my Yugioh Collection, which is pretty much completed.

Aside from these, I also have a full set of 1st edition secret from the original sets, obviously all the classic 1st edition LOB cards, complete full set of 1st edition ghost rares, etc. etc. :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes I usually go fossil hunting in the spring and summer time here.


My second favorite collection are my hot wheels. I have a pretty decent amount of them. I mainly collect old school Japanese classics, American Muscle Classics & Screen Time nostalgia vehicles (Back to the future DeLorean, Simpson’s Family car etc.).

These are some of my favorites at the top of my head:

And this is my whole collection!:

Any questions feel free to ask!



I also collect dragon ball z cards…I actually had more DBZ cards growing up because they were much cheaper. I got 10$ allowance (A MONTH) and I used to be able to buy entire booster boxes for 15$ when they’d go on clearance. It wasn’t very popular in my area


Bad photos i know :slightly_frowning_face:

Other than pokemon i collect mtg sealed old decks, fold/flip knives and yugioh. Sadly no photos of the mtg its all locked away. Nothing real fancy as most the spare coin go’s into pokemon :blush:


Need the ruby and emerald in 9.5 :slightly_frowning_face:


I don’t know much about MTG, but are these (at least some of) the power 8?


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Handheld games. Not actively a collection but get them when seen for the right price.